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How to Make a Killin’ with a Hot Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin

In the world of multi-player battle-royale FPS games, it’s more than just your skill level that dictates how far you go. Sure, cat-like reflexes, an itchy trigger finger, and […]

Our PC Gamer Giveaway Winner for the DaVinci 3D Printer

Our recent product giveaway involved 1 winner, who won a Davinci 3D printer worth $250, shipped by us. Here’s what Max P had to say about our PC Gamer […]

The Bestiary: Going on Beast Mode with PoE Update 3.2.0

Constant innovation is one of the benchmarks of Path of Exile. This is made abundantly clear with their introduction of quarterly challenge leagues. With new possibilities to explore every […]

High Five for the Best Gaming Affiliate Program of 2018

Whether you’re a video game blogger, YouTuber, or Twitch streamer, wouldn’t it be nice to gain revenue on what you enjoy? Maybe you’re looking for other ways to make […]

byPlayerAuctions|22 Feb 2018|Others

Bow Curse Support Champion

In Path of Exile, a support build doesn’t seem too fun or even viable, given how it’s mostly a dungeon crawler where players fend for themselves even when with […]

Wielding Ancestral Warchief

The Berserk Dual Wielding Ancestral Warchief is a different kind of totem build. While others are focused on spamming spells, this one is more about the totem and dealing […]

Davinci 3D Printer to Print Gaming Characters

Have you ever wanted to have a miniature character figure(s) or weapon(s) to take with you because it’s a dangerous world out there? Perhaps you need an important piece […]

Flameblast Totem Inquisitor

After Totem Marauder classes get much love, it’s about time the Flameblast Totem Inquisitor. It deals tons of damage in a massive area of effect, making it a walking […]

Triple Flame Totem Chieftain

Totems and Marauder classes go well together, and can only get better with age. That’s why people can come up with builds like the Crit Triple Flame Totem Chieftain […]

Righteous Fire Totem

One of Path of Exile’s most popular builds is the Righteous Fire Totem Berserker, and for many good reasons. It works perfectly well with the current patch; it’s affordable, […]

Life Essence Drain Occultist

The Life Essence Drain Occultist is a strange build. Instead of using a wand, it uses a sword. On the other hand, it’s anything goes in Path of Exile, but an […]

CI Whispering Ice

YES! Chaos Inoculation is once again viable in 3.1, and with that comes the return of the CI Whispering Ice Berserker. It’s not the same exact build it used […]

Freezing Pulse Elementalist

Regardless of the fact that any class can use almost anything as long as they’re geared right, elementalists still get the most kick out of elemental spells. That’s why […]

Vaal Spark Inquisitor

You might think “ugh, not another Vaal Spark Inquisitor build.” Well, it doesn’t matter; what it does is that it’s a simple and effective build. Here’s another take on […]

Ethereal Knives Raider

It’s not very often that you see a spellcaster-type raider. But when you do encounter the Ethereal Knives Raider, or rather, choose to be one, you’ll like it since it […]

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