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Madden NFL 18 Story Mode

New Madden NFL 18 Story Mode (Longshot) and the Frostbite Engine

If you’re a fan or person who appreciates American football fan, then you must be excited for the NFL season and Madden NFL 18 News. In fact, the game […]

byPlayerAuctions|15 Aug 2017|E-Sports

ArcheAge Beginners Guide 2017

Let’s Do This: ArcheAge Beginners Guide 2017

ArcheAge is a successful free-to-play MMORPG. There’s talk that players like the game, but they are not too thrilled about the bots and lack of cohesive content. There’s also […]

byPlayerAuctions|10 Aug 2017|Others

Path of Exile Gems

New Path of Exile Gems for The Fall of Oriath

It’s common for MMOs to provide new skills in every expansion to keep the game fresh, exciting, and balanced. In “The Fall of Oriath,” Path of Exile’s (PoE) first […]

FIFA 18 Release Date

Icons, Ronaldo Edition, and FIFA 18 Release Date

We’re one month away from the release! FIFA 18 is just around the corner. We’ve been writing about the game for a few months now, hyping you readers up […]

byPlayerAuctions|08 Aug 2017|FIFA

Albion Online Featured Image

The Ins and Outs of Albion’s Gold Exchange

In Albion Online, there are two main currencies: (1) gold and (2) silver. Players have to buy gold with real money or silver. Currency is useful for certain cosmetic […]

PlayerAuctions News July 2017

New Games Added in July 2017

Hey, gaming community! You’ve made it through the month. High-five! We hope that everyone is doing well. We’ve enhanced our blog site, and we would like to share it […]

byPlayerAuctions|01 Aug 2017|News

Best Warframes

The Best Warframes for Each Role

This article is about Warframes (i.e., the best at dealing damage, tanking, and providing support and crowd control). Keep in mind that we all have preferences and different interpretations […]

byPlayerAuctions|27 Jul 2017|Warframe

Path of Exile Featured Image

“U” for Unique: Path of Exile Guide for Getting Exclusive items

Not all items are equal, which is true in every RPG, including Path of Exile (PoE). In Wraeclast, and now in the newly opened Oriath, certain items that are […]

Warframe Best Secondary

Warframe Best Secondary & Melee Weapons

Welcome to the second part of the Warframe weapon tiers. High five! Keep in mind that the info is from this spreadsheet. Also, the sheet indicates all secondary weapons […]

byPlayerAuctions|21 Jul 2017|Warframe

Walk the Dinosaur: ARK Taming 101

ARK: Survival Evolved is like a cross between Monster Hunter and ARMA. Getting the best guns, taking down dinosaurs and other big beasts, and raiding other players bases are […]

Path of Exile Featured Image

Preparing for the Fall: Path of Exile 3.0 Builds

Path of Exile (PoE) lets players get creative with their builds, especially with POE Ascendancy Classes. The sky’s the limit. On the other hand, some builds are “up there,” […]

Warframe Best Primary

Warframe Best Primary Weapons

With the large selection of weapons and frames in Warframe, it can be hard to choose the best ones. It’s going to take some time experimenting with what’s good […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Jul 2017|Warframe

RuneScape Featured Image

RuneScape Quests with Hard-Hitting Attack EXP

Almost all high-fantasy MMORPGs involve combat. After all, it wouldn’t be half as fun if players didn’t have the chance to fight mythical creatures or even each other. In […]

Albion Online Featured Image

An Overview of the Albion Online Classless System

As Albion Online’s release date is coming to a home stretch on July 17, anticipation for the game’s sandbox elements and unusual handling of the MMORPG genre is building […]

RuneScape Featured Image

Not a Lifeless Dessert in RuneScape Menaphos

We hyped up Menaphos in a previous blog before the expansion came out. Now that it’s finally arrived on RuneScape, how’s the dessert treating you? Menaphos turned out to […]