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WoW Best PvP Classes

WoW Server Shutdown

Recently, something pretty interesting happened in the world of video gaming: a living world, the WoW Nostalrius  server, the home to thousands and thousands of players, was destroyed. Well, […]

EVE Online Featured Image

EVE War Update!

Eve war is upon us! The biggest war that’s ever raged in any video game ever made is taking place. In the enormous galaxy that is home to the […]

byPlayerAuctions|19 May 2016|Others

New Games Added in April

We are excited to announce several new MMORPG games that have been added to the Marketplace. Here are some tips, should you decide to start selling for these games: […]

byPlayerAuctions|05 May 2016|News

Blade & Soul Featured Image

Blade & Soul Review

Originally developed for the Korean market, where they even have a TV adaptation, Blade & Soul has finally been released to Western gamers to admittedly mixed reviews. The game […]

byPlayerAuctions|27 Apr 2016|Others


How To Re-List Offers

Greetings Traders! This year has seen an unprecedented number of new sellers register on the site. With that in mind, we want to explain a function that we have […]

byPlayerAuctions|25 Apr 2016|News


EverQuest Anniversary

EverQuest is celebrating their 13th anniversary. They’ve got 14 tasks up for the event which you can complete to get the “Satchel of the Superstitious”, undoubtedly in reference to […]

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HUGELY Discounted SuperCarriers and Titans in EVE:

Remember when these used to sell for over $1,000? Get one now, while they are still on the cheap! With the upcoming massive Northern War in EVE, prices are […]

byPlayerAuctions|22 Apr 2016|Others

New On PA in Arpil

What’s New on PlayerAuctions – April 2016

Greetings Traders, The Product Team here at PA is excited to announce several marketplace updates. This is going the be the first, of a regular series of updates where […]

byPlayerAuctions|12 Apr 2016|News


Oculus Rift – What’s the vibe?

Marketed as the next generation of virtual reality, the Oculus Rift is a popular device to play games or watch 360º movies. The first personal virtual reality device, this […]

byPlayerAuctions|29 Mar 2016|Others


Steam Account Buyer and Seller Guides

Buyer Guide Want to buy a Steam account that is already packed with the games you want? PlayerAuctions has made the process simpler for you. Follow the steps below […]

byPlayerAuctions|21 Mar 2016|Others


The Division Game Review and Information

What is it About? Tom Clancy’s, The Division is third-person shooting video game that was carefully developed by Ubisoft in partnership with Red storm Entertainment. It ensures seamless compatibility […]

byPlayerAuctions|15 Mar 2016|Others


Game Announcements & Info For March!

We are excited to announce several new games that have been added to our Marketplace. Here is some information to keep in mind while reviewing market opportunities: Clash Royale […]

byPlayerAuctions|11 Mar 2016|News


Elder Scrolls – Tamriel Unlimited Buzz

The Elder Scrolls Online, which is a MMORPG developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, had initially received mixed reviews from the public. However, after re-branding it as The Elder Scrolls […]

byPlayerAuctions|09 Mar 2016|Others

Black Dessert Featured Image

Black Desert – Launch Review

It’s been said that Black Desert is just another ArcheAge. Well it is similar to ArcheAge in some respects but also very unique. Black Desert is also an action […]

Blade & Soul Featured Image

5 Reasons Why Blade And Soul is Looking AWESOME

All aboard the hype train! Blade and Soul (BnS) has arrived to the West and looks great! Folks have been waiting for this game since its initial release back […]

byPlayerAuctions|07 Mar 2016|Others