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Adriana Rodrigues is a Professional Soccer Player, Freelance Writer, Author, and Gamer when she finds the time. Playing her way through college, on the field, and with her friends on FIFA, Adriana integrates soccer in her life in whichever way she can. Though it has taken determination and hard work to get her to where she wants to be, she knows that sometimes, it‘s just as important to just, play. Adriana is currently living in Florida but travels often for soccer.

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FIFA 19 Ratings for All of the Above

Whether you’re an avid FIFA player or still trying to wrap your head around the entire game, the FIFA 19 Ratings can definitely tell you how you’re doing. If […]

byA-Rod|31 Oct 2018|FIFA

FIFA 19 Gameplay: The Good to the Best

With its release this Friday, FIFA 19 has been surrounded by not only hype for the new edition but also a rave on all the new features, including the […]

byA-Rod|07 Oct 2018|FIFA

What’s the Buzz About FIFA 19 News?

Can the best game in the world get any better? Impossible, you think. However, based on FIFA 19 News around this new edition, game makers have stepped up their […]

byA-Rod|24 Sep 2018|FIFA

FIFA 18 Skill Moves for One-Star to Five-Star Player

Working on your footwork is one of the most basic yet most advanced skills you can work on in soccer. Your skills with the ball at your feet are […]

byA-Rod|09 Sep 2018|FIFA

The Elite 10: FIFA 18 Best Players

No matter what game you’re playing, you’ll want the best of the best. With the FIFA 18 Best Players ratings, you’ll be able to form the ultimate squad, trade […]

byA-Rod|08 Aug 2018|FIFA

The FIFA 19 Career Mode to Stay Ahead of the Game

With every year, comes a new FIFA. This year, of course, isn’t any different. FIFA 19 is stepping up their game and bringing out all the stops to make […]

byA-Rod|22 Jul 2018|FIFA

Best of the Best: FIFA 19 Champions League

You can’t get any higher or better than UEFA Champions League. It’s where the best of the best play—and now you can, too. If it has always been your […]

byA-Rod|08 Jul 2018|FIFA

Inside Access of Brand New Features for FIFA 19

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate this amazing, international tournament than getting passionate about next year’s rendition of FIFA 19? Although […]

byA-Rod|19 Jun 2018|FIFA

Jamming to the Beats: FIFA 18 Soundtrack

In an international platform that places artist on the world stage, FIFA 18 is a perfect way for artists to showcase their best work. Whether the world was familiar […]

byA-Rod|08 Feb 2018|FIFA

Have a Good Time with FIFA 18 Celebrations

Being able to play like the pros in FIFA 18 is an important aspect of the game that really gets you into it. However, what makes the version complete, […]

byA-Rod|04 Feb 2018|FIFA

Turn it Up with FIFA 18 Squad Battles

These FIFA 18 Squad Battles in the newest game mode allows you to play in a single player mode offline and actually add to your coins and rewards, even though […]

byA-Rod|24 Jan 2018|FIFA

The Best FIFA 18 Formations & Tactics

Just got the new FIFA 18 and not exactly sure what to do with it? We’re here to help lay out some of the Best FIFA 18 Formations and […]

byA-Rod|08 Jan 2018|FIFA

Best FIFA 18 Kits

Yes for the Best FIFA 18 Kits

You’ve mastered the skill set, honing in on all the years you’ve been practicing on FIFA since it was released and compatible with your PC. You have your favorite […]

byA-Rod|20 Dec 2017|FIFA