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Best Cars in Rocket League

The 5 Best Cars in Rocket League

If you ever found yourself feeling awkward and disconnected by using that fancy new Rocket League car that just dropped out of the crate, you are not alone. While […]

byDGtal|11 Oct 2017|Rocket League

Overwatch League – Teams, Schedule, Arena and More

Overwatch League is slowly and steadily shaping up to be the premier Esports phenomenon. The final list of participating teams has recently been finalized. We now have 12 confirmed […]

byDGtal|02 Oct 2017|E-Sports


PUBG Keeps Soaring Despite Major Roadblocks and PUBG BP

Afkers Flood the Servers Battle Point Farmers In light of the most recent milestones, namely record breaking 1.35 million concurrent players and 10 million units sold, a disturbing trend […]

byDGtal|22 Sep 2017|PUBG

Ark Survival Evolved DLC

Here’s What We Know About ARK Survival Evolved DLC Aberration

The Big Picture Ever since the release of the ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack trailer, Studio Wildcard developers have been drip-feeding us new bits and pieces of information about the […]

Rocket League Esports

Does Rocket League Esports Scene Have a Future?

The RLCS Landscape Rocket League’s competitive ecosystem seems to be in a constant state of flux. In the whirlwind of smaller, community-driven competitions, independent, third-party tournaments and the official […]


Taking on the Mantle of Battle Royale: The PUBG Game Broke a Record

Record Breaking Streak As you’ve probably noticed yourself, the gaming media outlets have been swamped with news of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) breaking all kinds of records lately. Built on […]

byDGtal|04 Sep 2017|PUBG

The Overwatch League

Is Blizzard Pressuring The Overwatch League?

Blizzard’s Overwatch League has been the focal point of the eSports scene since the reveal at Blizzcon 2016. There were bold,industry-shaping announcements, press releases, news and updates rippled throughout […]

byDGtal|30 Aug 2017|E-Sports, Others

Ark Survival Evolved Tek Tier

Is It Too Late? Official Release and ARK Survival Evolved Tek Tier

The wait is finally over! The release date for the PS4, Xbox One and PC is set for August 29, 2017. The initial August 8 launch date was delayed […]