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Xiaomei is a freelance writer who enjoys stories, art, and of course, video games. She loves sci-fi, especially robots and aliens, so it should surprise no one that she adores Warframe. Her other gaming favorites include Bioshock, Borderlands 2, and The Fall. She mains Banshee, but her favorite Warframe is secretly Nezha. Please don’t tell Banshee.

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How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe

How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe

When new players first start playing Warframe, many of them feel discouraged by how many things cost platinum, the game’s premium currency. New Warframe and weapon slots, skins, color [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|13 Nov 2018||Warframe

Warframe Damage Guide

Here Comes the Pain: Warframe Damage Guide

For many new players of Warframe, the damage system may seem like one that’s easier to ignore or, at least, to oversimplify: bigger numbers mean more dead enemies and [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|07 Nov 2018||Warframe

Warframe Amp

Warframe Amp Guide to Uncover the Mystery

In Warframe, much of your progression is based on how powerful you can make your, well, Warframe.  Whether you’re optimizing your build through mods or just equipping your loadout [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|25 Oct 2018||Warframe

Warframe Index Guide

A Warframe Index Guide with Answers

Ask any Warframe player about the best way to get credits and you’ll be inundated by the same answer over and over again. The Index.  But what is the [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|10 Oct 2018||Warframe

Warframe Clan Ranks

Everything You Need to Know About Warframe Clan Ranks

It’s not easy facing the perils of the Origin System alone. Joining a Clan can be a great way not only to meet new squad members to help you [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|04 Oct 2018||Warframe

Warframe Syndicate Guide

Gaining Access to Rewards: Warframe Syndicate Guide

During your time in the Origin System, you’ll face a variety of hostile factions looking to take you down: the Grineer, the Corpus, the Sentients, et cetera, et cetera. [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|19 Sep 2018||Warframe

Warframe Mods Guide

Warframe Mods Guide for Your Equipment

The world of Warframe modding can be an intimidating one to enter. With hundreds of mods to choose from for each weapon, Warframe, companion, and archwing, it can be [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|13 Sep 2018||Warframe

Warframe Fishing Guide

Time Out: Warframe Fishing Guide

Though Warframe may be a third-person shooter-looter, killing waves of Grineer and Corpus baddies isn’t the only way to spend your time. If you’d like a more relaxing way [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|05 Sep 2018||Warframe