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Xiaomei is a freelance writer who enjoys stories, art, and of course, video games. She loves sci-fi, especially robots and aliens, so it should surprise no one that she adores Warframe. Her other gaming favorites include Bioshock, Borderlands 2, and The Fall. She mains Banshee, but her favorite Warframe is secretly Nezha. Please don’t tell Banshee.

Written by Yi Xiaomei

Warframe Plastids

Top Methods for Farming Warframe Plastids

As anyone who’s played the game for more than a couple of hours knows, Warframe is a farming game. This doesn’t mean you’ll be growing radishes Stardew Valley-style, but [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|29 Aug 2018||Warframe

Warframe Focus Farming

Warframe Focus Farming Done Correctly

So, you’ve finished “The Second Dream” quest line, customized your Operator, and chosen one of the five Great Tenno Schools. Now you have what looks like a cluster of [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|20 Aug 2018||Warframe

How to Rank Up in Warframe

How to Rank Up in Warframe Methodically

There's no need to ask How to Rank Up in Warframe anymore because this guide is designed to help you push through hurdles. Arch wings, and even pets are [...]

by Yi Xiaomei|12 Aug 2018||Warframe