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Jose Garcia


About Jose Garcia

I enjoy doing some writing, listening to nice tunes, reading amazing books (especially suspense and horror), and playing video games. I became a computer geek since I was a little boy, playing Doom after the homework was done. My favorite video games are Borderlands 2, Dota 2, Titan Quest and almost all the fighting games.

    Written by Jose Garcia

    Apex Legends Beginners Guide

    Apex Legends Beginners Guide to Get Those Victories

    Welcome to the Apex Legends Beginners Guide, where you’ll find the different game mechanics that make this game amazing and unique. Above all, through this game’s life span, we […]

    byJose Garcia|16 Jun 2019|Others

    Division 2 Chatterbox Guide

    The Division 2 Chatterbox Guide: The Never-Ending Bullet Rain

    Currently, there are some of the best weapons in this game that gives you a lot of advantages. First, they are available inside a group with the code name […]

    byJose Garcia|13 Jun 2019|Others

    Division 2 Patch Notes

    The Division 2 Patch Notes: Changes for the Better

    One of the main advantages of having a “Live Service” video game is the constant updates or patches through its lifespan to keep it prosperous. This time around, Massive […]

    byJose Garcia|04 Jun 2019|Others

    Division 2 Tips

    The Division 2 Tips: Becoming the Best Agent in D.C.

    We all know that playing these types of video games (Role-Playing Games to be exact) can be overwhelming and confuse you with their extended contents.  Furthermore, being an “Open […]

    byJose Garcia|29 May 2019|Others

    Division 2 Builds

    The Division 2 Builds: Gathering the Right Build Combination

    One of the best gaming mechanics that every “looter-shooter” (or even the Role-Playing Games) have in common is the liberty that you have when you’re “building” your character. First, […]

    byJose Garcia|23 May 2019|Others

    Division 2 Masks

    The Division 2 Masks: Discovering the Hidden Messages

    More than often we get to see some “Open World” video games that have a lot of hidden material around the gaming map that never fails to capture the […]

    byJose Garcia|13 May 2019|Others

    Division 2 Exotics

    The Division 2 Exotics: 8 Good Looking Weapons

    Just like any other RPG (Role-Playing Game) on the video game market, the “Looter-Shooters” have lots of equipment and customization to keep their audience interested for more. First of […]

    byJose Garcia|07 May 2019|Others

    How to Play Apex Legends

    How to Play Apex Legends: Welcome to the Parkour Shooter

    If you’re one to these types of FPS (First Person Shooter) and have some interest in playing this particular game, look no further. In this article, we’ll try to […]

    byJose Garcia|02 May 2019|Others

    The Division 2 Specializations

    The Division 2 Specializations: Welcome to the End Game

    One of the best elements of the first Division game, become apparent when players got to see the “last part” of the game. Similarly to all those “looter-shooters” in […]

    byJose Garcia|02 May 2019|Others

    The Division 2 Weapons

    The Division 2 Weapons: Getting to Know the Unlimited Arsenal

    One of the gaming mechanics that every “looting-shooter” arrives with, it’s the countless options that you have to equip for your character. This time around, The Division 2 Weapons […]

    byJose Garcia|23 Apr 2019|Others

    Apex Legends Trophies

    12 Apex Legends Trophies and Their Strategies

    Like any other video game in recent years, some indications to show to your friends that you’re becoming one of the best players in a certain game. As a […]

    byJose Garcia|17 Apr 2019|Others

    Apex Legends Movement

    Apex Legends Movement: The “WASD” Way

    Since the beginning of FPS (First Person Shooter), we all gamers familiarized with the “WASD” keys to move our characters. Therefore, video games like the mythological DOOM introduced to […]

    byJose Garcia|28 Mar 2019|Others

    The Division 2 Beta Review

    The Division 2 Beta Review: The Battle Continues

    Before we start with The Division 2 Beta Review, there are some things we need to clarify first about this particular franchise; how it all started and what troubles […]

    byJose Garcia|16 Mar 2019|Others

    Apex Legends Skins

    Apex Legends Skins to Look Virtuous While Shooting Bullets

    Customization is now an essential part of every video game available on the market. Due to its diversity, some “skins” come with lots of variety and many different options. […]

    byJose Garcia|06 Mar 2019|Others

    Apex Legends Respawn

    Apex Legends Respawn: Here Comes a New Challenger

    Now and then one video game company crafts a masterpiece and suddenly joins the big leagues in this industry. With Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment recently catapulted their name in […]

    byJose Garcia|28 Feb 2019|Others