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Jose Garcia


About Jose Garcia

I enjoy doing some writing, listening to nice tunes, reading amazing books (especially suspense and horror), and playing video games. I became a computer geek since I was a little boy, playing Doom after the homework was done. My favorite video games are Borderlands 2, Dota 2, Titan Quest and almost all the fighting games.

    Written by Jose Garcia

    How to Play Artifact

    How to Play Artifact to Become the Best

    There are some things to consider before you dwell deep in the mechanics of this game. Do not worry though; anyone is capable of learning How to Play Artifact. […]

    byJose Garcia|25 Dec 2018|Others

    Artifact Monetization

    Summing-Up Artifact Monetization

    Even before the release date of this game, there were too many speculations about the “unusual” ways of the Artifact Monetization. It seems like the trend to this peculiar […]

    byJose Garcia|19 Dec 2018|Others

    Artifact Beta

    Reviewing Valve’s Approach to Artifact Beta

    Artifact Beta is now finally over, but it would be good to analyze the methods that Valve used for this particular game. To do this, we first need to […]

    byJose Garcia|09 Dec 2018|Others

    Artifact Card Draw

    Artifact Card Draw: The Top 10 Cards

    With the Artifact Card Draw game right around the corner. It was inevitable to discuss what cards kind of look a little “shiny” or are probably the best bet. […]

    byJose Garcia|22 Nov 2018|Others

    Artifact Dota Card Game

    The Artifact Dota Card Game: Are You Entertained?

    The Artifact Dota Card Game is a new installment from Valve Corporation. This new trading card game aims to combine different key aspects from the MOBA video game that […]

    byJose Garcia|12 Nov 2018|Others