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Bastion Overwatch 2 Guide

During the Omnic Crisis, Bastion was a frontline combatant’s last robot unit in Overwatch 2. Curious and fascinated by nature, Bastion lost its combat programming and now explores the […]

byKane|09 Oct 2022|Others

Cobalt-B Build

Tower of Fantasy: How to Build Cobalt-B

A mechanical engineer of the Hykros weapon development team, Lunis, codenamed Cobalt-B creates effective weapons with her genius intellect in Tower of Fantasy. She tests her weapons by going […]

byKane|09 Oct 2022|Others

Widowmaker Overwatch

Widowmaker Overwatch 2 Guide

Widowmaker is an assassin working with the terrorist organization in the Overwatch universe, Talon; with no emotion or regret, she is deadly as they come. Widowmaker was once married […]

byKane|09 Oct 2022|Others

Best Ship

No Man’s Sky Best Ship

No Mans’s Sky revolves around the beloved genre of classic science fiction; the game explores a galaxy filled with unique planets and lifeforms. They are allowing players to discover […]

byKane|05 Oct 2022|Others


Mei Overwatch 2 Guide

Mei-Ling Zhou is a DPS (Damage Per Second) hero in Overwatch 2, a scientist with weather-altering devices, and has joined Winston to help Overwatch 2 face different threats worldwide. […]

byKane|05 Oct 2022|Others


Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide

Overwatch 2 has many characters to choose from, and D.Va is a tank with high health and decent mobility that can come close to her enemies. Depending on her […]

byKane|04 Oct 2022|Others

Soul Wars

Elden Ring Hardest Bosses

Elden Ring is the latest Soulsborne game developed by FromSoftware. For this list, we will dive into the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring. Tread carefully; these enemies will […]

byKane|02 Oct 2022|Others

Easiest Bosses Elden Ring

Easiest Bosses in Elden Ring

As a Soulsborne game developed by FromSoftware, bosses are no joke in Elden Ring; even carelessly wandering around and being overwhelmed with mobs can be fatal. Although a handful […]

byKane|28 Sep 2022|Others

Genji Guide

Best Bleed Build Elden Ring

In the world of Elden Ring, the Bleed Damage status effect is extremely powerful, where over time, as you hit your enemies, you will build up blood loss, dealing […]

byKane|27 Sep 2022|Others

Best Mage Build

Best Mage Build Elden Ring

When it comes to gaming, the word “Build” refers to the specific items used by the player to get the best equipment arranged to enhance a character’s stats and […]

byKane|27 Sep 2022|Others

Xinqiu Guide

Best Samurai Build Elden Ring

A Samurai must have justice, bravery, benevolence, honesty, politeness, honor, and loyalty, even in Elden Ring. These are the tenets that make a samurai through the Bushidō code. They […]

byKane|22 Sep 2022|Others

Volanic Ash

How to Become an Immortal in Diablo Immortal

Being one of the Immortals is no joke in Diablo Immortal. Which is the highest title that you can obtain in the dark world of Diablo Immortal. The Immortals […]

byKane|22 Sep 2022|Diablo

Snow Area

How to Get to the Snow Area in Elden Ring

While you are traversing aimlessly through the grim and treacherous world of Elden Ring, with the vast map, there are plenty of enemies to face and loot boxes to […]

byKane|22 Sep 2022|Others

Best Ship

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 Overview

Fortnite calls their new season for Chapter 3 “Paradise,” but is it a Paradise? This Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 overview will help players figure out the deal with […]

byKane|20 Sep 2022|Fortnite

New World Fresh Start

MHW Weapon Tier List

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game and is the fifth mainline installment within the Monster Hunter series and has been released on Playstation 4, Xbox, and […]

byKane|15 Sep 2022|Monster Hunter