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Community Specialist for PlayerAuctions. Chard is invested in a plethora of geekery: from console and retro games to Japanese anime, crime/thriller films, and Batman graphic novels. Huge fan and follower of Destiny and Halo lore.

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The Unique Steam Store for Games

The Steam Store is a massive library of online games! These games cover a wide range of genres, publishers, and prices, so there’s a game for everyone. Steam supports […]

byChard Ibañez|17 Apr 2017|CD Keys

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Rocket League: How to Get Crates

Crates are special item drops in Rocket League patch v1.22. The Rocket League crate items include exclusive decals, wheels, rocket trails, and import battle-cars. Items are in five valuable […]

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CSGO Trade: The Ins and Outs

So, perhaps you want to join the CSGO trade market, where fresh skins and trading cards are sold and traded. Maybe you’ve been playing for a while and skins […]

byChard Ibañez|12 Apr 2017|CSGO, Others

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Why FIFA is Addicting

I’ve always wondered why soccer was a popular international sport. A game takes a long time to finish one match. Players must depend on the skill of the teammates; […]

byChard Ibañez|24 Mar 2017|FIFA

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The Distress of Female Gamers in eSports

Anybody who keeps up with eSports knows CS:GO team Astralis rank number one in the world. However, what I (and perhaps a majority of gamers who aren’t into eSports) […]

byChard Ibañez|24 Mar 2017|CSGO, Others

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CSGO in 2016: What to Expect

ESports have been on the scene for quite some time and have certainly made it their mark. Games like Dota 2 and League of Legends have proven popular and […]

byChard Ibañez|13 May 2016|CSGO, Others

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FIFA 17 – What To Expect

While many people may consider it too early to consider what might be in FIFA 17, at PlayerAuctions we like to be ahead of the game. Here you have […]

byChard Ibañez|21 Apr 2016|FIFA

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FIFA 15. Ultimate Team Ultimate Trade.

In Fifa 15 Ultimate Team, a single weak player can mean the difference between a winning and a losing match. Fortunately for you, PlayerAuctions is the dedicated marketplace. We […]

byChard Ibañez|28 Sep 2014|FIFA

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FIFA 2014 Ultimate Team

The World Cup is, without exaggeration, the greatest show on earth! The fan fare, the colour, the drama, disappointment; a wired, wonderful few weeks every four years when one country […]

byChard Ibañez|20 Jun 2014|FIFA

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CD Keys now available at PlayerAuctions

We are happy to announce another exciting addition to the PA marketplace – CD keys!! Didn’t take long before some of you guys began to post your offers on […]

byChard Ibañez|28 Mar 2014|CD Keys