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Sean O'Toole

Sean O'Toole

About Sean O'Toole

Sean is a life-long gamer, getting his start on the SNES and Sega Genesis when he was five years old. Since then, he’s owned every major console over the years and has an impressive library of classic games. Recently, he made the leap to PC gaming and is enjoying all that Steam has to offer. Sean’s favorite genres are RPGs, FPSs, and Strategy Games. You can usually find him on Steam playing some multiplayer with his friends.

Written by Sean O'Toole

Beginners Guide to ESO

Taking on Tamriel: A Beginners Guide to ESO

After years of wishing I could have a buddy by my side as I went spelunking in bandit-riddled caves or risked the booby-trapped Dwemer ruins, my wish has finally […]

bySean O'Toole|23 Jan 2018|Others

PoE Cast When Damage Taken

PoE Cast When Damage Taken: Let Enemy Attacks Work for You

Revolutionizing the RPG Role Playing Games (“RPGs”) are one of the longest-running and most beloved of all video game genres. Tracing their lineage all the way back to the […]