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HCT Summer Championship

HCT Summer Championship 2018: What to Expect From the Hottest Hearthstone Tournament

Summertime is officially here and what does that mean? Apart from beaches, sand, and water, it means that the HCT Summer Championship is knocking on the door! That’s arguably […]

bySimon Slavchev|12 Jun 2018|Others

WoW Celestial Tournament

WoW Celestial Tournament: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s face it, in recent years pet battles have been an invaluable part of World of Warcraft’s vast universe. They’re rather fun, exciting and players love them – maybe […]

Best Addons for WoW

The 10 Best Addons for WoW to Make Your Life Easier

World of Warcraft and addons go hand in hand. No matter how much the game and its UI have improved over the last 10+ years, certain extra goodies can […]

Best Raids to Farm for Gold

The 5 Best Raids to Farm for Gold in WoW

There’s no doubt that World of Warcraft has changed so much over the last couple of years, that it’s virtually a different game now. However, one thing that remains […]

Best WoW Professions for Gold

The Best WoW Professions for Gold That You Don’t Want to Miss

Contrary to popular belief, amassing gold in World of Warcraft isn’t rocket science. Arguably one of the best ways for increasing your gold-earning potential is by utilizing the Best […]

How to Upgrade Gear in WoW

How to Upgrade Gear in WoW Fast & Easy

Let’s face it, World of Warcraft has always revolved around epics and legendaries. Subsequently, many players are wondering How to Upgrade Gear in WoW and what’s the quickest and […]

WoW Battle for Azeroth New Races

What Can We Expect of WoW Battle for Azeroth New Races?

Back in November last year, Blizzard announced the new World of Warcraft expansion along with some additional and very intriguing piece of information. Subsequently, the WoW Battle for Azeroth […]

WoW Gold Farming

The Ultimate WoW Gold Farming Guide

While World of Warcraft players have been amassing gold for over a decade already, being able to gather relevant and useful info regarding making gold has always been a […]

WoW Rumble in the Jungle

Everything You Need to Know About WoW Rumble in the Jungle

Considering that Blizzard’s most epic franchise boasts more than 15.000 quests, it’s only logical that it includes fantastic quest chains such as The Day That Deathwing Came, Lost In […]

WoW Easter Eggs

The Top 7 WoW Easter Eggs That Are Beyond Epic

Ever since late 2004, Blizzard have implemented WoW Easter Eggs into its MMORPG of legendary status and many of them are full of epic and greatness. For this reason, […]

Battle for Azeroth Wallpaper

Battle for Azeroth Wallpaper: How Can I Get One?

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion is fast approaching and logically the hype within the WoW community is building up. Fans are already collecting all kinds of media related to […]

WoW Archeology Guide

WoW Archeology Guide: The Unique Essentials That You Absolutely Need

With a vast and seemingly endless universe containing so many hidden relics, World of Warcraft is the ideal place for archeologists, right? Okay, but you need a WoW Archeology […]

Best WoW Professions

The Best WoW Professions & How to Spot Them

It’s an undeniable fact that ever since World of Warcraft got officially released many years ago, everyone has been wondering what the Best WoW Professions. Now, this is a […]

How to Leave Guild in WoW

How to Leave Guild in WoW: All You Need to Know

Ever since the glorious vanilla days, the social aspect of Blizzard’s arguably most popular and beloved franchize has always revolved around guilds at its core. Subsequently, “How to Leave […]

World of Warcraft Name Generator

World of Warcraft Name Generator: What on Earth is That?

We’ve all been there – after the initial pondering, you’ve finally chosen your class, race and you customized it accordingly. But now, you have to enter a name for your character. Do […]