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    League of Legends Cosplay

    In the Mix: League of Legends Cosplay

    Certain hobbies related to video games and anime have picked up in popularity in recent years. Chiefly among them is cosplay. Cosplay essentially boils down to creating a costume […]

    Best League of Legends Skins

    411 About the Best League of Legends Skins

    In the League of Legends community, skins have been a contentious point among the player base for a number of years. Skins are the primary tool by which Riot […]

    League of Legends Items Guide

    League of Legends Items Guide to Increase Your Understanding

    Often times, low ranked League of Legends players are confused as to what exactly is preventing them from climbing the ladder. It can be difficult to pinpoint exact reasoning […]

    How to Play Top Lane

    How to Play Top Lane in League of Legends

    There are many different gameplay elements that are a part of League of Legends. It is a very complicated game where every aspect must be understood on some level […]

    How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends

    How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends

    League of Legends is not and has never been a game that provides immediate signs of progress. In being a free-to-play game, there is inherently a grind that is […]

    League of Legends Ward Skins

    Enhancing Your Appearance with League of Legends Ward Skins

    There was a distinct lack of cosmetic items within the League of Legends ecosystem when it first launched. This gradually changed over time, to the point where cosmetic items […]

    League of Legends Twitch

    League of Legends Twitch and Other Useful Apps

    League of Legends played a crucial role in shaping a relatively new genre of the game when it first launched. In the years since the LoL has become increasingly […]

    League of Legneds Runes Guide

    Keeping It Old School: League of Legends Runes Guide

    League of Legends is an ever-evolving game. Riot Games has always adhered to the philosophy that change, even if received negatively, is better than a static game. To this […]

    League of Legends Music

    League of Legends Music to Get the Blood Pumping

    League of Legends has been the subject of many different headlines since it became a mainstream e-sports title. Not only are the game balance changes often the subject of […]

    Free League of Legends Skins

    An Extra Layer of Satisfaction: Free League of Legends Skins

    League of Legends is a hugely successful game, not only in terms of popularity but also in terms of revenue as well. Throughout its history, skins have been the […]

    LoL Jungle

    LoL Jungle Changes for Patch 8.10

    Over the course of its history, no single facet in League of Legends has changed more than the jungle. Often times, this has contributed to an ever growing discontent […]

    How to Get Key Fragments in League of Legends

    How to Get Key Fragments in League of Legends for Greater Experiences

    As a free-to-play game, League of Legends has always been marked by microtransactions. During its early years, these microtransactions were not overly apparent for the most part. The old […]

    League of Legends ESPN

    Staying Attuned to Changes in League of Legends ESPN-Style

    Riot Games has had its fair share of criticisms and naysayers over the years. There has been a lot of controversy around punishments handed down towards members of the […]

    LoL Support Guide

    LoL Support Guide for Smart & Safe Decisions

    It takes a certain kind of individual to be willing to play support in League of Legends. The support player on every team can’t be selfish. Nor can they […]

    League of Legends Tips and Tricks

    Climbing the Ladder with League of Legends Tips & Tricks

    It can prove quite easy to fall into a rut when playing League of Legends and experience extensive losing streaks. The game demands a lot from its players, both […]