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    LoL Support Guide

    LoL Support Guide for Smart & Safe Decisions

    It takes a certain kind of individual to be willing to play support in League of Legends. The support player on every team can’t be selfish. Nor can they […]

    League of Legends Tips and Tricks

    Climbing the Ladder with League of Legends Tips & Tricks

    It can prove quite easy to fall into a rut when playing League of Legends and experience extensive losing streaks. The game demands a lot from its players, both […]

    The Best LoL Champions for Beginners

    So you have recently caught wind of the professional e-sports scene and see League of Legends routinely dominating news headlines and streaming platforms. You take an interest in the […]

    Best DPI for League of Legends

    What’s the Best DPI for League of Legends?

    DPI has always been something often talked about in the computer game scene. Usually reserved for Starcraft II, DPI has become something rather significant in the MOBA genre as […]