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Black Desert – Launch Review

Black Dessert Featured Image
By | March 8th, 2016 | Categories: Black Desert Online

It’s been said that Black Desert is just another ArcheAge. Well it is similar to ArcheAge in some respects but also very unique. Black Desert is also an action orientated fantasy MMORPG game.  The publishers have boasted about the games detailed graphics and amazing game features such as the player housing, combat and animal breeding.

But what have they actually delivered? Reviews from players give us the impression that the publishers and game designers did manage to keep some of their promises.  Some players feel the game is easy, while other players relish in the fact that not just anyone can play this game.

Black Desert Character Customization

The character customization options were enjoyable. You could literally sit and play with that single function for hours. The combat was certainly highly praised.

However, there were a few common problems I came across. Firstly, players felt that the game didn’t tie together well. I mean, the combat is great, the characters are customized, the graphics are highly detailed but unless you have a compelling story line which makes players interested and drawn to the game, none of those other things matter.

Software issues

Players also experienced some software problems. The game needs a high performance PC to function properly – however with regards to this point, no offence, but what gamers don’t have a high performance PC?

I came across some really cool reviews and sites when researching the game before it’s release. And I told everyone about where they could buy Black Desert Silver at exceptionally low prices, and it seemed that other people were exited too.

With regards to the game, to be honest most reviews were on the positive side. Whether this hype will die down eventually, only time will tell. But for now I would suggest hopping aboard the Black Desert train. I know I will!

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