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By | April 17th, 2017 | Categories: CD Keys

The Steam Store is a massive library of online games! These games cover a wide range of genres, publishers, and prices, so there’s a game for everyone. Steam supports independent game developers through the Steam Greenlight feature, which will soon be updated to a more streamlined process. The store is community friendly, so meeting new people and making friends isn’t difficult. Steam supports a marketplace to facilitate trading between users, with Steam deals offered every so often.

Why Steam is a Top Distributor

It’s all about Steam deals! Online gaming can be an expensive hobby. The steady rise in game prices is because of piracy. On the other hand, more people pirate games since they’re becoming more expensive. Good thing steam prices are slashed from time to time.

Sometimes, the store has games for sale. Discounted prices usually fall within the range of 33% to 75% off. However, there are some games that might only have 10% off and others as high as 90% off. Usually, there are deals where Steam puts hundreds of games on sale for a week. Occasionally, Steam celebrates a certain publisher, so all the games of that publisher have discounted rates for that week. Other times, they put games on sale only for a day, and some are weekend deals.

The best deals are found during a massive seasonal sale. During summer, fall, and winter, prices are lower for about a month, and almost all Steam games have a discount. There are some sales where prices fall lower than usual, but only for a day. You can even check the Steam price history to see how rates fluctuate.

Finding the Best Games on Steam

Once you’re a registered Steam user, you can browse the library. Steam lets members review games they’ve bought and played. The reviews either recommend the game or not. Games that are rated “Overwhelmingly Positive” are usually the best games on Steam. Then again, this is subjective, and even if games are rated this way, it may not be your cup of tea. Same goes for the lower rated games. Just because other don’t enjoy them doesn’t mean you won’t.

To find the best games in a specific genre, just browse for all products and sort them by user reviews. From there, just add the filters. There are filters for tags, software type, number of players, and features; if VR and specific equipment is supported or not, by the operating software of the computer, and by language. The first page will give you the highest rated games of that genre of game you narrowed it by. Once you’ve browsed, bought or played a game on Steam, it will start to suggest more games that are similar.

Other Ways of Getting Games on Steam

There are other ways to get Steam CD keys, such as buying a Steam-enabled game at a retail store and redeeming it on the app. Also, there are trading sites that offer CD keys and other game resources. Keep in mind that some of these sites aren’t legitimate. Dealing with them is risky. Fortunately, PlayerAuctions is committed to offering a safe and secure trading platform. You’ll find all kinds of gaming resources, such as cheap Steam keys, in-game currency, items, and accounts

Enjoy your Steam gaming. Last, but not least, check out the steam offers on PlayerAuctions.

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