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The Complete Checklist for Escape from Tarkov Quest Items

By | February 19th, 2019 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

Want to have an Escape from Tarkov Quest Items checklist you can bookmark to keep track of everything that’s worth holding onto in the game? This guide will be for you. We will list all of the items that can be used for quests and then also explain which quests need which items.

To start, let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this guide. After we’ll jump straight into all of the items and what quests they are needed for.

What’s in this Escape from Tarkov Quest Items list?

  • A closer look at all items that are required for quests
  • Details about which quests need which items

Below, we have provided a full list of all items that you will need for quests in Escape From Tarkov. Keep in mind that these items can often be found throughout the game, but if you sell them to traders, you may have a hard time finding them again.

For that reason, it’s best to hold onto these items each time you find them so that you can make completing quests more fluid. You’ll already have most of the items ahead of time for all of the most challenging item collection quests by keeping the items in this list safe.

To help you understand what items are useful and where we’ll also provide a look at which quests require items and what items they are.

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What are all the Quest Items?

  • There are dozens of items needed for the quests in Escape From Tarkov
  • All items are split between different traders, as you’ll see below


Prapor has several collection quests and throughout these quests, he’ll ask for the following items:

  • 3x MR-133 12gage shotguns
  • 6x 60 round 6L31 5.45×39 magazines
  • 10x lower half-masks
  • 10x Bars A-2607 knives (dropped by scavs)
  • 5x AK-74N 5.45×38 rifles
  • 3x M4A1 5.56×45 rifles
  • 10x PM 9x18PM Makarov pistols
  • 15x level 20 or higher USEC dogtags
  • 15x level 20 or higher BEAR dogtags
  • 10x M67 Hand grenade
  • 1x machinery key
  • 1x customs office key
  • 1x factory exit key
  • 1x portable cabin key
  • 1x room 214 key
  • 1x room 203 key


The Therapist also asks for some quest items, mostly focused on medical items. Find these items and complete her quests to unlock boxes, maps, and more medical supplies to purchase from her.

  • 5x salewa kits
  • 4x gas analyzers
  • 10x morphine injectors
  • 30 x Tushonka red beef stew cans
  • 4x car batteries
  • 8x spark plugs
  • 3x gunpowder bottles
  • 5x ophthalmoscopes
  • 3x LEDX skin transilluminator
  • 1x blue 206 key
  • 1x blue 114 key
  • 1x red San.306 key
  • 1x grey Storage key
  • 1x metal checkpoint key
  • 1x metal ZB-014 key
  • 1x metal 303 key


You’ll be collecting many different wearable items and you’ll unlock better wearables as a reward. Here is the full list:

  • 5x white 3M armor
  • 5x TOZ-106 shotguns
  • 2x flash drives
  • 2x MBSS backpacks
  • 4x AVS rigs
  • 9x gold chains
  • 5x respirators
  • 5x bloodsets
  • 1x SV-98 sniper
  • 1x Roler watch
  • 1 million roubles
  • 5 thousand dollars
  • 1x metal unknown key
  • 1x metal room 220 key
  • 1x metal MES key
  • 1x metal San. 112 key
  • 1x metal 303 key
  • 1x red San. 216 key
  • 1x blue San.308 key
  • 1x blue San.306 key


You’ll be collecting a lot of junk items that you may otherwise think to throw away.

  • 5x MRE packs
  • 1x WD-40 canister
  • 3x Wiper bottles
  • 3x bleach bottles
  • 7,500 dollars
  • 10x morphine injectors
  • 5x alkali washer bottles
  • 8x hoses
  • 3x red propane tanks
  • 10x dog tags
  • 2x SG-C10 radios
  • 3x Virtex chips
  • 1x metal mark. key
  • 1x red San.219 key
  • 1x red San.220 key
  • 1x blue San.328 key
  • 1x metal storeroom key
  • 1x metal Sanatorium key

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The Mechanic, who once again asks for a number of junk items that would otherwise be thrown away or sold. These items can be particularly difficult to find, so make sure you hold onto them. Peacekeeper also asks for an extensive list of weapons, some rare, some common.

  • 2x tool sets
  • 5x cords
  • 5x T-shaped plugs
  • 8x circuit chips
  • 10x graphics cards
  • 10x CPU fans
  • 3x CPUs
  • 6x rec batteries
  • 3x GPhones
  • 10x Malboro cigarettes
  • 10x red strike cigarettes
  • 10x blue wilston cigarettes
  • 3x RFIDRs
  • 3x VPX drives
  • 5x wires
  • 5x capacitors
  • 1x MR-133 shotgun
  • 1x MP5
  • 2x M4A1 Standards
  • 1x DVL-10 sniper
  • 1x RSASS
  • 1x M870
  • 1x AKM
  • 1x AKS-74N
  • 1x AK-105
  • 1x AS VAL
  • 1x AK-102
  • 1x MPX
  • 1x AKMN
  • 1x M1A
  • 1x blue customs key


Ragman will ask for a selection of different clothing items and armor. With Ragman, you’ll unlock better clothing by completing his quests.

  • 7x Ushanka hats
  • 7x Cowboy hats
  • 1x ghost balaclava
  • 1x Shemagh
  • 1x RayBench sunglasses
  • 1x RGlass sunglasses
  • 2x ComTac2 headsets
  • 2x 6B47 helmets
  • 4x GZHEL-K armor sets
  • 2x Shmaska masks
  • 2x Pilgrim backpacks
  • 2x 6B43 6A armor sets
  • 2x WTRig chest rigs
  • 2x AVS chest rigs
  • 2x BlackRock chest rigs
  • 6x Fcond cans
  • 4x lion figures
  • 4x horse figures
  • 4x cat figures
  • 1x Roler watch
  • 3x teapot
  • 2x vase
  • 1x metal log office key
  • 1x metal Goshan key


Fence also requires some items for his quest, although not as many. Fence requires the following:

  • 1x Firesteel
  • 1x Axe
  • 1x Book
  • 1x #FireKlean
  • 1x golden rooster figure
  • 1x Badge
  • 1x Beardoil
  • 1x 1GPhone
  • 1x Mayo
  • 1x Sprats can
  • 1x Mustache
  • 1x Kotton beanie

What Quests require which Items?

  • Most collection quests will tell you beforehand what you need
  • Use this guide to check ahead of time

Below we have explained which quests require which items in Escape from Tarkov for all of the traders. If a quest doesn’t require items, it won’t be included in this list.


  • Debut – 3x MR-133 shotguns
  • Ice Cream cones: 6x 60-round AK mags
  • The Punisher Part 2: 10 lower half-masks
  • The Punisher Part 4: 10 A-2607 knives
  • The Punisher Part 5: 5 AK-74Ns, 3 M4a1s, 10 Makarovs
  • No Offence: 10 M67 grenades


  • Shortage: 5x Salewa kits
  • Sanitary Standards Part 1: 1x Gas analyzer
  • Sanitary Standards Part 2: 3x Gas analyzers
  • Painkiller: 10x morphine syringes
  • General Wares: 30x tushonka cans
  • Car Repair: 4x car batteries, 8x spark plugs
  • Trust Regain: 303 key, ZB-014 key, gas station key, customs key
  • Private Clinic: 5x Ophthalmoscopes, 3x LEDX Skin Transilluminators


  • Supplier: 1x 3M armor, 5x TOZ shotguns
  • What’s on the flash drive?: 2x USB drives
  • Golden Swag: 1x lighter
  • Friend from the West Part 1: 2x MBSS backpacks, 4x ABS vests
  • Friend from the West Part 2: 5,000 dollars
  • Vitamins Part 2: 5x respirators, 5x bloodsets
  • Chumming: Find and drop 9 gold chains in specific locations
  • Bull: 1x SV-98 sniper, 1x Roler watch

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  • Humanitarian Supplies: 5x MRE packs
  • Spa Tour Part 3: 1x WD-40, 3x wipers, 3x hose, 3x bleach
  • Spa Tour Part 6: 7,500 dollars
  • Spa Tour Part 7: 10x morphine, 5x alkali washers, 5x hose, 3x propane tank
  • Lend Lease Part 2: 2x SG-C10 radios, 3x Virtex chips
  • Wet Job Part 1: 10x PMC dog tags


For many of these quests, you need to hand over a weapon with certain modifications.

  • Gunsmith Part 1: MR-133
  • Gunsmith Part 2: AKS-74U
  • Gunsmith Part 3: MP5
  • Gunsmith Part 4: M4A1
  • Gunsmith Part 5: DVL-10
  • Gunsmith Part 6: RSASS
  • Gunsmith Part 7: 870 shotgun
  • Gunsmith Part 8: AKM
  • Gunsmith Part 9: AKS-74N
  • Gunsmith Part 10: AK-105
  • Gunsmith Part 11: AS VAL
  • Gunsmith Part 12: AK-102
  • Gunsmith Part 13: MPX
  • Gunsmith Part 14: AKMN
  • Gunsmith Part 15: M1A
  • Gunsmith Part 16: M4A1
  • Farming Part 2: Cord x5, T-Shaped Plug x5, Circuit x5
  • Farming Part 4: graphics card x10, CPU fan x10
  • Signal Part 2: CPU x 3, Rec Battery x6, Circuit x3, GPhone x3
  • Bad Habit: 30 cigarettes (10x Malboro, 10x Strike, and 10x Wilston)
  • Import: 3x RFIDRs, 3x VPX drives
  • Fertilizers: 5x Wires, 5x Capacitors


  • Dressed to kill: 7x Ushankas, 7x Cowboy hats
  • Hot Delivery: 2x ComTac 2s, 2x 6B47 helmets, 2x Gzhel-K armor sets
  • Sew it Good Part 1: 2x Shmaska masks, 2x Pilgrim backpacks
  • Set it Good Part 2: 2x Gzhel-K armor sets
  • Set it Good Part 3: 2x Gzhel-K armor sets
  • Sew it Good Part 4: 2x WTRigs, 2x AVS rigs
  • The Blood of War Part 2: 2x Fcond cans
  • Living High is Not a Crime Part 1: 4x lions, 4x horses, 4x cats, 1x Roler
  • Living High is Not a Crime Part 2: 3x teapots, 2x vases
  • Supervisor: Goshan key


  • A049 C026 0101PD – all of the prior Fence items required for this quest.

It’s not worth completing as doing so will simply give you a riddle that, once solved, will send you to a YouTube link. In the video, you see a BEAR player placing a badge on his shoulder. Nobody is sure what the meaning of the video is.


Thanks for reading out guide to all of the Escape from Tarkov Quest Items. Did this guide prove to be useful? Did you learn anything? We hope so!

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