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Escape from Tarkov Quests Overview

Escape from Tarkov Quests
By | September 11th, 2018 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

In this article, we look at all of the different Escape from Tarkov Quests and explain what rewards you get for completing them. This guide will help you to understand which quests are worth completing and when.

It’s important to note that completing quests in Escape from Tarkov is very important – you’ll be able to improve your reputation with the different traders and you’ll also get access to new equipment and weapons.

Which traders offer Escape from Tarkov Quests?

  • Prapor
  • Therapist
  • Skier
  • Peacekeeper
  • Mechanic
  • Ragman

Each of these traders ooffersdifferent items, so completing quests for them will give you access to certain categories of equipment. Some traders offer new weapons, whilst others might offer better protection or backpacks.

What do I get for completing Prapor’s quests?

  • Complete the Debut quest to purchase the cheap AKS-74U
  • Later quests will get you access to a PSO Scope and an SV-98 Sniper

Prapor is a Russian arms dealer, so completing quests for him will unlock new Russian weapons, ammo, and attachments.

Most of the best equipment from Prapor can be unlocked simply by increasing your reputation level with him. However, there are some specific quests that should be completed.

The very first quest with Prapor is an important one. Called Debut, this quest will unlock the ability to purchase the cheap AKS-74U – it’s weak but a good starting point for all new players.

After that, you will need to complete the next four quests. At that point, you’ll be given Bad Rep Evidence as the fifth quest. Complete that to unlock the PSO Scope. This is very useful for SKS rifles, easily one of the best low level rifles in Tarkov.

The rest of Prapor’s quests aren’t as important, but you can get the ability to purchase the SV-98 Sniper Rifle at the 10th quest.

Many people consider the SV-98 an overrated weapon so they often skip Prapor’s quests after the fifth one.

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What do I get for completing the Therapist’s quests?

  • Complete the second quest as soon as possible to unlock the Car Medkit
  • More quests unlock even better medical supplies

Therapist is a doctor, so you’ll get access to new medical supplies when you complete quests.

Completing the Therapist’s quests is very important to unlock new medical items. It should be your priority to complete the first two Therapist quests.

Once you complete Sanitary Standards – Part 1, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase the Car medkit. This is the only way to get your first medkit that can heal your wounds and stop bleeding.

At this point, it makes sense to leave Therapist’s quests and come back later. However, at the 11th quest, called Health Care Privacy – Part 1, you’ll unlock the IFAK medkit, which is a 1×1 item that has 400 healing points and can stop bleeding.

The 16th quest will also unlock the Salewa, but many people see that as unnecessary because the IFAK is far better.

What do I get for completing Skier’s quests?

  • Complete Skier’s quests to unlock more weapons like the Vepr
  • Later quests will give you access to a high protection helmet

Skier is another weapons dealer that offers a variety of scopes and higher powered weapons at later levels.

The rewards for Skier’s early quests aren’t that exciting, but they’re worth investing time into so that you can get better quest rewards later on. The first quest will give you access to purchase the saiga-9, a cheap semi-auto SMG.

Complete the third quest, Stirrup, to get access to the Vepr AKM. The fifth quest unlocks a small reflex sight.

Finally, and most importantly, the ninth quest, called Chemical – Part 4, will unlock the ZSh-1-2M helmet, which offers tier 4 armor. You’ll find it in Ragman’s store so long as you’re at least reputation level 3 with him.

What do I get for completing the Peacekeeper’s quests?

  • Peacekeeper’s quests aren’t as important as others
  • You should leave them as a final step
  • Later levels unlock grenades, sights, and M4 ammo

Peacekeeper is an American arms dealer, so if you level him up you’ll get access to higher powered ammo for American weapons like the M4.

We’d suggest leaving Peacekeeper’s quests till last because they offer little benefit in comparison to traders like the Therapist and Ragman.

The first quest will give you access to the T-1 reflex sight in the Peacekeeper’s store.

After that, you’ll unlock an MP5 at quest 3, a suppressor for the AK-74 at quest 5, more M4 ammo at quest 6, and most importantly, the M67 hand grenade at quest 9.

Grenades are arguably a very useful item in Tarkov, but it’s fairly easy to loot them in the world and build up a large collection of them.

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What do I get for completing the Mechanic’s quests?

  • Complete the Mechanic quests to get access to the M4A1
  • Mechanic’s quests are not a priority and should be left last

With the Mechanic, you can get access to high powered, well-equipped weapons.

At later quests, you’ll get access to purchase the M4A1, for example. However, in the current meta, the M4 isn’t that powerful, so it’s not worth investing time into the Mechanic’s quests until you’ve unlocked all of the best items from other traders first.

You’ll get the ability to purchase the M4A1 after completing the Mechanic’s 10th quest. You’ll also need reputation level 3 with the Mechanic. You’ll also unlock a few grips and weapon attachments for other quests, but that’s it.

What do I get for completing the Ragman’s quests?

  • Ragman’s quests are by far the hardest, but it’s worth it eventually
  • High level Ragman quests let you purchase level 4 armor and a level 4 helmet

Unlocking higher equipment from the Ragman will give you access to better helmets, armor, and backpacks.

The Ragman’s quests are hard to complete, but they are well worth it. At the later levels, you’ll get access to high level armor and a high level helmet.

You will need to complete the 17th quest to get the armor rating 4 BNTI Gzhel-K armor from Ragman. After that, you’ll need to complete 3 more quests to get access to the IOTV Gen4 armor.

It takes a long time to complete these quests and they are undoubtedly the hardest quests in the game. For example, a single quest requires you to survive Interchange 20 times.

Another quest requires you to hand over 14 rare items. That’s just two of 20 quests you’ll need to complete to get the high level armor to unlock.


To summarize, you should complete the Therapist’s quests first to unlock the Car medkit. After that, move on to Prapor to get the AKS-74U and the OPS scope. You can then do Skier’s quests to get a level 4 helmet fairly early.

Ragman’s quests are then the most important, but they take a long time to complete. Unless you want grenades, leave Peacekeeper second-last and then leave the Mechanic for last. Thanks for reading Escape from Tarkov Quests.

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