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A Quick Guide for the Upcoming ESO Update for 2020

ESO update
By | January 7th, 2020 | Categories: ESO

It was a rocky 2019 for Elder Scrolls Online. Despite being considered one of the best (and most-played) MMOs in the gaming scene, it still fell short due to a slew of technical issues like frame rate problems, incessant lag, and an unusually high percentage of crashes. Luckily, things are taking a turn for better as ZeniMax has announced its future plans and ESO updates this year. If you’re not aware, the ESO team does this yearly where they deliver a statement during the start of the first quarter. With the recent celebration of ESO’s fifth anniversary, they knew that for 2020, they had to fix all of the things that went wrong the previous year. And with that, let’s go over what updates and improvements they’ll bring us for this year, shall we?

Q1 2020 update 25: New year, new me?

For Q1 2020, ZeniMax will be having a huge overhaul with Update 25. With the latest of the internal testing and bug fixing done, this patch will alleviate players from key issues that have been plaguing the game. Do note that this update will require you to download the game client once more and that it’ll take more than a minute for it to finish since it’s a major upgrade patch. ZeniMax also promised faster loading of the fixtures and characters around the terrain for Update 25, along with framerate and combat ability improvements. Update 25 will also use multi-threading, which essentially allows gaming systems and the PC to effectively use the cores that are in your CPU. If you’re not too familiar with computers, it basically means the game will run better. This update will most likely be available in February or March 2020.

Q2 2020 update 26: More improvements?

Guess what’s coming for ESO in Q2 2020? That’s right! More improvements. For starters, servers of ESO will be optimized further to ensure game stability. This is important as it can help reduce the lag times in heavily populated areas in the game, but the main highlight here is for pets and player characters’ loading process. Furthermore, the improvements for frame rates and combat abilities will still resume. Update 26 will most likely be ready in May or June 2020.

What about the ESO updates for Q3 & Q4?

Sadly, there have been no announcements made regarding the updates that will be made for Q3 and Q4 yet. However, ZeniMax has said that within Q1 2020, they’ll be adding the news and updates for Update 27 and 28 (Q3 and Q4). It’s unfortunate that we don’t get to see what lies ahead for the whole year, but in the meantime, what we’re expecting for the first and second quarter should be enough to tide us over. We’re expecting more frame rate improvements for the third quarter, and maybe a surprise patch for the last quarter of 2020. What you can certainly expect, though, is a release date for Elder Scrolls Online on the Google Stadia if you’re into that. This is because ZeniMax has recently confirmed that there will be crossplay available for PC players should they transfer their accounts to Stadia.

What does the future of ESO look like?

Thanks to the 2020 ESO update, the future of the highly-regarded MMO is looking bright. With the frame rate and lag issues set to be resolved this year, we’re hoping to see an influx of new players who are eager to try the game. You can see the effort that ZeniMax put into the game for it to run as best as it possibly can. MMORPGs may come and go, but with how things are turning out, it looks like Elder Scrolls Online may very well be here to stay!

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