Best FFXIV Relic Weapon – Our Top 5 and How to Get Them

Best FFXIV Relic Weapon
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If you have been sat wondering what the best FFXIV relic weapon is, you’re in luck! These effective forms of weaponry can go a long way in Final Fantasy 14, which is why we have compiled a short list of the best of the best, and what you need to do to be able to obtain them.

Which FFXIV Relic Weapon is the Best?

Before we get into the details of each individual FFXIV relic weapon, here’s our top 5 list:

  1. Enchufla
  2. Ingrimm
  3. Akademos
  4. Woeborn
  5. Espiritus

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the first choice in this list of elite relic weapons, and how you can get them in the game yourself.


Simply yet elegant in its design, the Enchufla presents a dancer’s piece of weaponry, serving as the first available for the Dancer class for those who are playing as it. You will be presented with both gold and silver rings that overlap each other, with red gems encrusted in both of them. The attention to detail is particularly impressive, in that you can see that there is small blue gems and gold patterns on the silver ring.

If you want to get the Enchufla for yourself, then we need to be working on the main story quest. You will have to have completed it up to the Shadowbringer quest, as well as finishing the Return to Ivalice raids as well. When playing as the Dancer class, you will have to finish the side quest chain that starts in Kugane market with Hail to the Queen. If it’s not your first resistance weapon, then you can go to Zlatan and trade four Thavnairian Scalepowders, as well as finishing the Resistance is (Not) Futile quest.


This is another simple design that more than earns its place on the list. As the White Mage’s staff, the Ingrimm has a great aesthetic look to it, especially when combined with the Gridania look. It is a curled wooden staff that has green leaves emitting from it, with a bright stone at the top of it.

As with the previous weapon, if you want to get the Ingrimm then you will need to have finished the main story quest as far as the Shadowbringer quest, and the Return to Ivalice raids need to be done too. You will find that this is a common occurrence with all of the weapons that you find on this list. The side quest chain that starts with Hail to the Queen also needs to have been finished, as does the Resistance is (Not) Futile quest whilst playing both as a White Mage.


Akademos is a spell book that is used by Scholars. This is one fancy looking item, and you will want to make sure that if you have Thavnairian Scalepowders handy, then make sure that you are using them for such a great book. It looks visually beautiful and very detailed, with golden spirals and a white feather also included with the detail.

Getting this book requires you to complete the main story quest up to Shadowbringer and have the Return to Ivalice raids done. You need to also finish the Hail to the Queen and Resistance is (Not) Futile quests whilst playing as the Scholar class if you want to use the method of paying Zlatan four Thavnairian Scalepowders.


This is arguably the coolest looking weapon on the entire list. The Woeborn is a more than fitting weapon for any Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14. Once you have managed to fully upgrade it, the Woeborn is a force to be reckoned with, and lives up to its place on the best relic weapons in the entire game.

It is a visually stunning weapon, that goes very well with the overall look that the Dark Knight has. It presents a huge sword that glows red when you have it equipped. To get your hands on this impressive looking piece of kit, you will have to finish the Hail to the Queen questline whilst playing as the Dark Knight, as well as the Resistance is (Not) Futile quest whilst also playing as a Dark Knight. A great weapon to have, and only differs in its requirements compared to the other weapons by having to play as a certain class.


And finally, to close out this short list of what the best relic weapons are in Final Fantasy 14, we have the Espiritus. This is another spell book that finds itself on the list and is actually quite similar to the Akademos as well. The difference here is that you are looking at a change in appearance, opting for a black look instead of white. There are also some neat details on the book as well, with more colours added to it.

So, you are looking at a black spell book in that has golden detail, with spots of blue and a red spine. It also on closer inspection has details that show gems, feathers and even wings. The pages are also black, with gold writing on them. In general this is a beautiful spell book, and one of the most eye-catching items in the whole game.

To get Espiritus for yourself, you just need to follow the same methods as you have read on the list so far, though you will be completing the tasks as a Summoner this time. You need to get through the necessary raids and the main story quest, as well as the side quest chain that you begin in Kugane Market. Use the Thavnairian Scalepowders with Zlatan if necessary. By doing so, you are getting what many would consider to be the best relic weapons that FFXIV has to offer.

Final Word

If you have been trying to find out what the best FFXIV relic weapon is, then hopefully you can now make a better judgement on what will work best for you, depending on what class you have chosen. There are many relic weapons out there for you to find, and they certainly pose a threat when in the right hands.

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