Dark Knight FFXIV Guide to Effectively Level and Utilize

Dark Knight FFXIV Guide
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If you’re looking to try out one of the more interesting jobs that Final Fantasy 14 presents, then you’re in luck. This guide will be taking a closer look at what the Dark Knight FFXIV has to offer, and what you need to know before playing as it.

What is the Dark Knight FFXIV?

Many players are fooled when it comes to the Dark Knight. You could be mistaken into thinking that these are DPS characters, but they in fact serve as tanks. With high damage and heavy armour, they are most certainly a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

There isn’t as many tank players in FFXIV as you’d think, especially when you compare them to other classes. This can be beneficial, and you can also get the bonuses from daily roulettes for additional XP. Traits such as these make them easier to level compared to the likes of DPS and healers, but they can be difficult to play as. You can expect to have a lot of responsibility when playing as a tank, since you are having to contend with exclusive tank mechanics when it comes to raids, trials and dungeons.

The Dark Knight was subjected to a rework following the introduction of Shadowbringers too. These changes meant that they couldn’t lean back on Dark Arts for dishing out damage. As an alternative, they use a flowing combo method, which has made it more fun to play as, albeit a little more difficult.

How to Become a Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14

The Dark Knight doesn’t quite work as other jobs do in terms of when they’re unlocked. First, you’re going to need to play through the “A Realm Reborn” campaign, all the way through to the Heavensward expansion. You will get to a quest entitled “Before the Dawn” in which you will be able to get into Ishgard. You can go to the Pillars section of the city to get the “Our End” quest. This will unlock the Dark Knight for you to play as in the game, and you will start out at level 30.

Dark Knight Equipment

As for the Dark Knight’s gear, as it serves as a disciple of war you can expect to be wearing plate armour. The weapons they use are greatswords, which can be very effective in FFXIV. If you are looking to get involved with crafting, then there are certain classes that can be very effective. For example, you can use the Blacksmith to make greatswords, Armorer for plate armour and Goldsmith for earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Best Leveling Methods

Going from level 30 to 50, there are a number of options for you to choose from where leveling your Dark Knight is concerned. Daily roulettes that we mentioned earlier can be of great use. You can also focus on the main story quest to get your levels to where they need to be. Keep on top of your challenge log too as you continue to work on other areas to level up. The Palace of the Dead is quick for you to do, but it can also be very repetitive to do.

Getting to level 60 from here doesn’t really see much change as far as tactics go. Trials can be very quick to complete and provide you with good XP. You should also consider queuing up dungeons that are relevant to your level can provide a wealth of XP if done with chain bonuses. Keep these methods in mind and you should be getting to the highest possible levels in no time.

FFXIV Dark Knight Top Tips

You have a damage bonus entitled Darkside, and there’s a number of abilities that can help provide it. You’re given 30 seconds to use it, but it can be stacked so that you get 60 seconds for each ability. There’s also the Blackest Night, which is a fantastic skill to help you live longer, and even more so for your allies. It sees a barrier being created that is worth a quarter of the maximum HP of its target. Since tanks have more than one way of protecting themselves, it makes up for the barrier not being as effective on healers or DPS characters.

With your Dark Arts, you can make the most of Bloodspiller and Quietus. You don’t have to worry about them taking up your mana as much as before. So once to buff is ready to be used, then be sure to pull the trigger. Dark Missionary is another vital skill for you to get to grips with. It can be the difference between living and dying for your team. As you get into the latter stages of FFXIV, you will notice that bosses from trials and raids have ultimate attacks that you can’t avoid. These can have a massively negative effect on your team, and Dark Missionary helps to soak up some of this damage. This will in turn provide support to your healers, and will allow them to help your team.


So now you know a bit more about the Dark Knight FFXIV has to offer you as a player. This job has been subjected to some rather questionable design choices in the past as many players will know. However, since the introduction of Shadowbringers, the Dark Knight was subjected to some very welcome buffs that really make it a force. Since tanks play such a pivotal role within the game, its important that jobs such as these are as effective as possible. And that is something that you can certainly expect when you are playing as the Dark Knight.

You should now be equipped with the tools you need to make the most of the tank known as the Dark Knight. The new reworks have certainly done well to get what was needed out of the job, and you shouldn’t have as many issues as before. Once you’ve mastered, you will be a proven asset to your team in the heat of battle.

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