FFXIV Astrologian Job Guide – Unlocking and Shadowbringers Changes

FFXIV Astrologian Job Guide
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The FFXIV Astrologian is a unique part of the popular MMO in that it is the only healer that begins above level one. There is a lot for you to learn about the job, and this guide will hopefully give you a better idea of what you can expect from it.

There is quite a lot to get your head around as far as the Astrologian is concerned. It doesn’t quite work in the same way as other similar jobs, and there has been a number of reworks made to it since Shadowbringers was introduced. With that being said, the following guide will be outlining what you need to know on the job, and how you can benefit from it if you are willing to put the time in to reach its full potential. Here’s what we’ll go over:

  • What is the Astrologian in FFXIV?
  • How to Unlock the Astrologian Job
  • Astrologian Tips

So let’s get started with taking a look at what the Astrologian job is all about.

What is the FFXIV Astrologian?

This job works as a healer, where your job is to help keep your team among the living. It doesn’t work exactly how other healers do however, since it is more based on providing buffs in comparison to, say, the White Mage, which is more about raw hit points instead. As the Astrologian, you will be drawing cards from a deck of virtual cards, which will decide the buffs and abilities that are applied to your team.

Meanwhile, an Astrologian in Final Fantasy XIV also has some advantages from being among a more uncommon class as a healer. The “Hero in Need” XP is something that can be very beneficial, as can the gil benefits that come with daily roulettes. With these traits in mind, the Astrologian is a fairly easy job to level up when you compare them to the likes of tanks and DPS jobs, though they aren’t necessarily as easy to play as.

How to Unlock the Astrologian Job in FFXIV

You will find a difference here with the Astrologian job, in the sense that it isn’t available to players from the get go. To gain access to it, you will need to have completed the whole of the “A Realm Reborn” campaign and gotten through to the Heavensward expansion. You will get to Ishgard once you have reached the “Before the Dawn” quest. Get the “Stairway to the Heavens” quest from the Pillars section of this area to unlock the Astrologian. This job class begins at level 30.

Astrologian Tips

So now that you have a bit more information about the job and how to unlock it, you may want some tips on how to play as the Astrologian. Firstly, you will find that Collective Unconscious can be very effective when used to combat ultimate abilities.

Once you have reached a point where you are doing the later game content such as dungeons, raids and so on, you will come across charge-up attacks complete with personal gauges. When you do notice this, keep in mind that you will be looking at the completion of a mechanic prior to the gauge filling up completely. This will wipe your party if it does get to this point, and you may have already taken hefty enough damage even if it hasn’t reached 100% yet. That being said, you will want to avoid situations such as these which is where the Collective Unconscious bubble shield can be very effective.

Next, you will want to use different sects for the job. For example, the likes of the Nocturnal and Diurnal Sect both have their own advantages. If you are able to learn the patterns of the boss that you are about to take on, then having the right stance is important. Then, the likes of using Regen with Diurnal can be very effective if you are taking heavy damage or can dish out poison damage, and can be a real life-saver if you happen to get separated from your team. On the flipside, Nocturnal can use barriers that are great for blocking off any burst damage that is coming your way, which gives you an advanced look at what attacks to expect beforehand.

Also, once you get to the latter stages of levelling, you will need to make the most of your damage buffs. At the higher levels, this will be a pivotal aspect of the job. In order to maximise the efficiency of these buffs, you are going to need to both draw and redraw cards for the process to take full effect. Your goal here is to get three certain special icons. It isn’t such a difficult task to do anymore since there are three charges for redraw, so you can end up sifting through your deck quicker than ever to find the cards that you need.

Shadowbringers Changes

When it comes to the changes made by the implementation of Shadowbringers, there were a lot of reworks applied to Astrologian. This included a lot of improvements being made to the job’s card system, which was now much more RNG friendly. The Draw ability for example would be available straight away to be on cooldown. Not only that, but we also saw a charge mechanic being brought in for the Redraw skill. This meant that you could have three charges that would take place and could be expanded as you pleased.

We also saw the Astrologian having the Neutral Sect introduced as the level 80 skill. This brings an ultimate ability which offers 20% additional healing potency for a period of 20 seconds.


Hopefully now you have a better idea of how you can get the most out of the FFXIV Astrologian. As a healer, it may not be as easy to play as when you are comparing it to some of the other jobs that are available in the game. Despite this, it is often one of the most rewarding. After all, it does get to take advantage of certain perks that you wouldn’t be able to find when you are putting it up against the likes of DPS or tank characters.

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