FFXIV Dragoon BiS (Best in Slot) DPS Gear Guide

FFXIV Dragoon BiS DPS Gear Guide
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If you have been looking to make the most of the Dragoon in FFXIV, then this article is for you! We will outline what the best FFXIV Dragoon BiS gear is that you can use. There are a number of factors to consider, ranging from what gear you will need, to have having a bit of background on what the Dragoon is.

With that in mind, this guide will outline the following:

  • What is the Dragoon?
  • What is BiS?
  • Best Gear to use

To get us started, here is a bit more information on the Dragoon itself.

What is the FFXIV Dragoon?

The Dragoon resembles a fierce combatant, who uses a combination of aerial attacks and dynamic precision to take down their enemies. The Dragoon is described as a “disciple of war” sporting plat armor and polearms. There are a number of crafting classes that can be of use to the Dragoon, which range from Blacksmiths to make polearms, both Leatherworkers and Armorers to make leather and plate armor respectively. Furthermore, Goldsmiths can be used to create forms of jewellery such as bracelets and rings.

FFXIV Dragoon BiS DPS Pros and Cons

Since the traits of the Dragoon often involves jumping, it does have its pros and cons. It is often a common misconception that the DPS output of the Dragoon, even with BiS gear, isn’t that high in FFXIV. Whilst it might not be the best of classes when it comes to damage output, its use of the air helps it create damage that is certainly worth mentioning and even bragging about. It might not be as high as the likes of the Samurai or the Summoner, but you can still expect to get on well with DPS that it offers.

Having said that, its use of jump is often its downfall as well. The reason being that Dragoons are in fact able to be killed whilst using jumps. This leads to many to come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth the Dragoon having the ability to use jumps at all. The first jump is available from level 30, and you unlock more as you go on.

However, once you have gotten to level 70, it would be fair to say that the Dragoon is actually an entertaining class to use. This is especially true when you are participating in the game’s later content such as dungeons. If you do plan on using this class, then for the reasons that we mentioned above, you should make sure that you have managed to master jumps. Since they play a massive part in both the advantages and disadvantages of the Dragoon, you should spend as much time as you can getting to grips with the jumps to be used.

If you are focused on DPS, then you should consider the likes of the Samurai which not only has a great look to it with its animations, but they hit very hard as well. Another fun class is the Black Mage, which is accompanied by the use of explosions which can be very satisfying to use. That said, don’t worry about the legitimacy of the Dragoon in comparison, as it may be a lower tier but certainly has a lot of fun gameplay advantages that other classes are unable to offer.

What is BiS?

This is a very common term used not only in FFXIV, but throughout many games of a similar ilk. For those who are unsure, it stands for ‘Best in Slot’, and refers to the best gear combination for your class surrounding the highest level of content that’s available. Rather than focusing on items themselves, they are more based on gear.

For example, you could have an item that is BiS listed, but not necessarily the overall best-in-slot when it is on its own. Items that aren’t on a BiS list are also not to be considered worthless, they could simply be made to work when combined with others to make an effective set up. The combination of the items are what make it so important, since they are all needed together more often than not to make sure that it works best for the overall set to work best.

FFXIV Dragoon – Best Gear to Use

There are certain items that are BiS for Dragoon. For starters, the weapon that you will want to start with is the Midan Metal Spear, accompanied by the Augmented Splitstream Helm of Maiming. Next, grab yourself the Midan Jacket of Maiming, along with the Augmented Splitstream Gauntlets and Breeches of Maiming. The Midan Belt and Boots of Maiming will also work in your favour, as will the Augmented Primal Earrings and Bracelet of Slayer. Accompany this with the Midan Ring of Slayer and Baked Pipira Pira and you will prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

What you can expect from a build such as this is a high accuracy output, as well as a very high skillspeed. This is more true for the latter, which goes beyond even what Dragoons are often softcapped at, so its worth keeping in mind based on that stat alone.


A general point about playing FFXIV is that there are many classes to use, and one is bound to suit each type of player that decides to play the game. The Dragoon, like every other possible class, is a more than capable class for DPS. The most important part is that you enjoy playing as the Dragoon, which is certainly a distinct possibility when you get to the likes of level 70 and have managed the art of jumping. We hope this FFXIV Dragoon BiS guide has helped you enjoy it a little bit more.

Meanwhile, another point to remember is that if you have been looking into items on BiS lists, then you will want to keep on eye on how they combine to make yourself stronger. You will sometimes find that even though they aren’t on the list themselves, they can make up a set to make your character formidable. Simply keep this in mind the next time you are going to look into a best-in-slot set, and remember to have fun in the process.

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