FFXIV Fishing Guide – Complete Fishing Leveling Guide from 1-80

FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide 1-80
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If you have been looking how to reach the higher levels of fishing in this popular MMO, then look no further than this FFXIV fishing guide. There are a few factors to keep in mind, and you will firstly need to unlock the Fisher’s Guild over in Limsa Lominsa. To level up quick you will need to pick the best lures, the right fish, and the most useful spots that will help you.

In this guide, we will be breaking it down into sections of levelling, including:

  • 1-15
  • 15-35
  • 35-50
  • 50-65
  • 65-80

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FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide

So without further ado, let’s get started with this FFXIV fishing leveling guide!

Fishing Leveling 1-15

For the first five levels, you will be looking for fish known as Lominsan Anchovy, and Harbor Herring. There is also levequests to finish, though at these lower levels you are best off visiting the best grinding spots for the most efficient experience. With that in mind, we are looking for the two fish types that we just mentioned, which can be found just outside of the guild itself. Use Lugworm bait for the Anchovy and Pillburg for the Herring until you reach level 5, which requires five Lominsan Anchovy and three Harbor Herring.

To hit level 10, we are going to be looking for Princess Trout. Again, you may want to hold off worrying too much about the Levequests here since there’s more to be gotten from the grinding spot. The level 5 Levequests involve Sea Cucumber, Harbor Herring, Ocean Cloud, and Coral Butterfly. Going back to Princess Trout, you can find them in most rivers in Middle La Noscea when using the Crayfish Ball. More specifically, you should look in Nym, Rogue, The Mourning Widow and West Agelyss. Your best way of hitting level 10 is to hit up Murmur Rills with the Crayfish Ball to get there quickly.

From there to level 15, we will be going for five Navigators Dagger. Your best bet is to use Rat Tails over in Brewers Beacon. Swiftperch is very helpful to get to 15 in particular, using the Goby Ball to get you the fish required to get to the target. This is the best choice of fish for this level tier, so get grinding.


From 15 to 20, mainly switch your focus to using Rat Tails in Aleport to give you the best chance of catching the Levequest Fish, including Razor Clam, Helmet Crab, White Coral, and Rothlyt Oyster. We are going to need five Warmwater Trout for Fishing Quest Level 20, which can easily be found in Oakwood using Crow Fly. For grinding, the Fallgourd Float with Midge Basket is effective, simply because of what their XP offerings are.

To reach 25 we are going after Shadow Catfish. By now, you will have learnt the Release skill, which lets you release the fish that you have caught. As for the Shadow Catfish, you can help yourself using Moth Pupa to catch them out in the marshes. You will need to be able to mooch to finish this class quest, which you won’t get until level 25. Your Levequest fish meanwhile are Dark Sleeper, Copperfish, Black Eel, and Faerie Bass. Your best places to grind are the Yugram River with Butterworm to get Eels at night, or at Oakwood with both Crow Fly and Brass Spoon Lore.

The Fishing Quest for Level 30 is 10 Fullmoon Sardine. These can be found at the Isles of Umbra, though they only spawn at night. So take your Spoonworm and head north between 6pm and 6am to get the catch. Once more, don’t worry too much about the Levequest Fish here, which include Dark Bass, Five-Ilm Pleco, Yugr’am Salmon and Black Ghost. The grinding spots are way better use of your time, which here includes Ceruleum Field. Using the Chocobo Fly Lure here is going to see you grinding for a long time due to how effective it is.

For level 35’s Fishing Quest we need Desert Catfish. These are located in Southern Thanalan, using Sand Leech at the two sandfishing areas found here. Stick with the Ceruleum Field with the Chocobo Fly Lure to keep those levels rising.


For Fishing Quest level 40 we need five Raincaller, which you will need to catch in the rain. When the weather is on your side, head to Gridania City. Use the Stem Borer bait to get the best results as possible. Your Levequest Fish from 35-40 include Seema, Crimson Trout, Lamp Marimo and Giant Bass. You can grind in Sagoili to get to level 37, then head out to The Nail to advance to 40.

Moving onto quest level 45, there’s five Cloud Cutter to find. These are just outside of Whitebrim, and you can unlock Cloudfishing when you hit 45 too. Focus on The Nail for your Levequest Fish, at least for Northern Pike, Bronze Lake Trout and Abalathian Smelt. You don’t need to really bother with Golden Loach. To grind take some Stem Borers to the Burning Wall, followed by Exlploratory Icehole in Coerthas Central Highlands with the Topwater Frog Lure.

Your next target is level 50, so we will be looking for Mazlaya Marlin. This is a difficult fish to find, and you will be needing the trait Double Mooching really to catch it, which is unlocked at level 40. Try to catch HQ Harbor Herring and HQ Ogre Barracuda with a Floating Minnow to help you with your catch. Rather than focusing on grinding spots, here you will want to spend more time with Levequest Fish, with Ignus Snail, Sludgeskipper, Ilsabardian Bass and Boltfish all being found in Ceruleum Field with Honeyworm bait.


For the first couple of levels we need to find Glacier Core and Icepicks. The former are much easier to catch, though Icepicks will prove to be useful later on. The latter can be found in South Banepool as well as Unfrozen Pond. You will need clear skies to get Glacier Core, but you can hit level 52 prety well by farming these. Otherwise, head over to South Banepool for Lake Urchins and Fanged Clams.

For the Level 53 Quest you’ll need three HQ Icepick. Getting to level 55 you are going to want to head to the Hundred Throes to get yourself some Whilom Catfish and Blueclaw Shrimp, plus three HQ Shadowwhisker for the level 55 quest.

Overlook the Levequest fish for level 56, since you will mainly need a lure that isn’t unlocked until you hit level 58. Check out the Smoldering Wastes for Warmwater Bichir, as well as Whilom Catfish and Blueclaw Shrimp. Then you can get Noontide Oscar from Eli Tohm in Churning Mists. At level 58 we will need the Letter Puffer, often found in the skies near the Landlord Colony. For this set of levels, just concentrate on comfortable grinding areas. From 58 you will be looking for Weston Bowfin in the Curning Mists, and Illuminati Perch in the Hinterlands and Thaliak River. You can use the Goblin Jig for both of these fish in any weather. There’s also Bullwhip, which you should definitely focus on to get yourself to the next level, though you will need Fiendworms for this. There’s also Fountish that are of use from level 59, and Yalm Lobsters after level 60.

The good thing about hitting 58 is that it opens up a lot of new avenues for you in terms of catching new fish. Focus on Bullwhip and Illuminati Perch with the Goblin Jig, then Cat Killer for the quest fish at 60 which is found in the Eddies.

From 61, look into the Rapids Jumper to get you to advance. These are available from mooches too, which is going to save us a lot of time, though you can also opt for the Highlands Perch. At 62, grab the Muudhorn Fishing Rod and 99 Live Shrimp before grinding Common Whelk in Yanxia. At 63 you have the Deep Velodyna Carp as the quest fish, which can be caught in the Velodyna River. Meanwhile, 64 brings you Calm Waters too, which can be a helpful skill for spearfishing. As for what you are going to be catching, you should stick with the Common Whelks for now, and the Armored Crayfish since it’s the faster way to go forward.

65-80 – The Home Stretch for FFXIV Fishing Leveling

At 66 we have Truth of Oceans, as well as Stealth XII to help us with spearfishing. Meanwhile, to advance to the next levels you should look into the Kobayashi Maru for Sea Lamps, and the Doman Bubble Eye from The Sunken Junk. This is where you can catch the HQ Dafangshi, which is the level 68 quest fish. If you don’t want to use spearfishing by the way, the Isle of Zekki is a good place to grind for collectible fish such as the Daio Squid, or the Levequest Koromo Octopus, both of which can be caught using the Bream Lure. We also need to catch the Giant Lesiosaur for level 70’s quest, so head to Onokor with Live Shrimp.

Once you are past the deadzone at level 70, fishing kind of kicks up a gear in the sense that you have Surface Slap, as well as gear updates. Once you have the gear that you require, you can then grab some Fruit Worm and farm Eighteyes Eels over at Lakeland. This should be enough to get you to level 72, and you can speed it up with Albino Caiman too. You shouldn’t have to focus too much on Levequest fish here, but if you want to then check out Xanthic Bass in Lakeland, and use Fruit Worm once more. Going up to 74, check out the Blood Cloud and Weedy Seadragon for Levequests and collectables respectively. From there to 76 look into Lemonfish and Cherry Herring, though the Lemonfish is probably your best bet since it has the best XP ratio.

Next, we will be getting crabby with the Gourmand Crab. This can be found at the Rak’tika Greatwood, so find the North Lake Tusi Mek’ta hole for your fishing needs.  The crab is better than any of your other options at this point arguably, so have at them as much as you can. At 77 you will receive a quest in which you will need to get yourself a Calico Trout, which you can use Fruit Worm to catch them at Longmirror Lake.

Finally, we are at the home stretch. The facet quest at this level is for the Amber Monkfish, which shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find. You can get it in the Hills of Amber, suing the Desert Dessert Frog. To get to the coveted level 80, then you can simply keep going after the Gourmet Crab, literally trying to catch each and every one you come across. Honestly, spearing the crabs is your best way forward to go, but you can also go with a few collectables here and there with Golden Lobster and Albino Caiman. Any of the ones you can spearfish will also be of use if you are wanting to go down the collectables route, but yes you should be able to hit level 80 courtesy of the crabs.

FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide Conclusion

So if you have managed to reach level 80 from this FFXIV Fishing Leveling guide, then congratulations. It is certainly a fair old hike to get to the dizzying heights of the 80th level, but following these methods should get you there in a reasonable time. The key is knowing what lures and bait to have with you, but also where to make the most of where you are going for grindspots. There are also certain tactics to adopt, and whether you choose to focus on Levequests or collectibles and so on will determine how quick you make your way to 80. Regardless of the tactic that you use, you will be a pro FFXIV fisher in no time, and will be a master of the fishing rod amongst your peers.

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