FFXIV Red Mage Guide for Leveling 50-80

FFXIV Red Mage Guide
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If you have been looking for ways in which you can level up your Red Mage in FFXIV, then you are in the right place. This following FFXIV Red Mage guide should give you a great opportunity to start leveling and get yourself to level 80.

In this guide, we will be discussing the following:

  • How to Unlock Red Mage
  • FFXIV Red Mage Leveling guide
  • About Red Mage

Prior to leveling the Red Mage, we first need to know more about it and how we can unlock it.

How to Unlock the Red Mage in FFXIV

The Stormblood expansion that came to FFXIV brought with it a whole bunch of new areas, jobs, dungeons, and an additional level cap. One such feature that was brought to the game was the Red Mage.

To be able to unlock the Red Mage, players will need to have a character at level 50, and will have to have finished off The Ultimate Weapon main scenario quest. Once you have done so, find the NPC known as Distraught Lass at the Steps of Thal area in Ul’dah. You will be given a quest entitled ‘Taking the Red’ in which you will need to go to Central Thanalan to find the Red Mage NPC there. Speak to the Distraught Lass again, you will see the Red Mage appearing at the tavern found to the south of Black Brush Station. By speaking to him, you will be able to get the Red Mage job.

FFXIV Red Mage Leveling Guide

As for the next section, we will be looking into providing ways in which you can level up your Red Mage. Going from 50 to 60, there should be a focus of main story quests, so do them if you have them. There will be the following class quests to get done that are really going to help you; Taking the Red, The Crimson Duelist, A Rewarding Struggle, Tracking the Cabal, A Vermillion Vendetta, On Lambard’s Trail, and Stained in Scarlet.

There are ways for you to get fast XP when you are playing as Red Mage. The Palace of the Dead for example is a fast way for you to get XP, as are Roulette Trials. The latter there is actually done pretty quickly so you are making decent time too. What’s more, by queuing up dungeons that are appropriate to your levels, you stand to make a wealth of XP.

From 60-70, we have the class quests such as The Color of Her Hair, which we can get in Mor Dhona. Idyllshire meanwhile plays host to the likes of Traced in Blood, Nightkin, and Child of Lilith to help you progress. Finally, by heading to The Pillars, we can take part in With Heart and Steel. Focusing on quests and spamming dungeons will have you leveling up in no time at all. Roulette Alliance and leveling at this point can also be very effective, especially since we are in search of as much experience as possible. We then have another quest at 80 entitled Succession of Steel, which is given to you by Arya. For completing this quest, we receive Heavens’ Eye Materia VII, Savage Aim Materia VII, and Savage Might Materia VII.

About the Red Mage

Ultimately, the Red Mage presents players with a thrilling job that combines a potent cocktail of quick skills with weapons and spells. It is without a doubt one of the most fun characters that you can play as in FFXIV. It kind of works like a caster, though you do have a bit more freedom of movement this way. Its fluidity is one of its biggest attractions, though some would argue that its Area of Effect doesn’t perform as well as others. That being said, you may have noticed that a lot of boss fights are based on single target, so in situations like this you will find that the Red Mage is very useful.

As for how they play, the Red Mage is predominantly focused on DPS. Having said that, it does have a healing spell, which is known as Vercure. Despite having the ability to heal, you should avoid trying to use the Red Mage as a healer. When you compare it to a Black Mage, you will find that they are a bit more flexible. This is in the sense that they aren’t stuck in place in long casts. Rather, they use Dualcast which means that every second spell that is used can be cast straight away. There are a number of different situations that you will find this to be useful in, especially when looking at how long spells take to cast.

The gameplay that comes attached with the Red Mage is something that is very appealing to players, and its connection to the weaponry that makes it unique. For example, the rapier can be used for weaponskills, which makes this job the only one that is a spellcaster DPS with access to such an attack. It leans heavily on combos at times, though you do have combat resurrection to fall back on.

One piece of advice to take away for Red mage is that it relies on a couple of phases as part of the main loop of its playstyle. You should firstly generate your gauge resources by going into the phase for spell casting. Try and get the same amounts in Black and White mana, or as close as you can. Following this up with burst combos with enchanted weaponskills, followed by powerful spells will make you a force not to be messed with.


Hopefully, this FFXIV Red Mage guide has given you a better idea of how the job works, how you can unlock it, and how you can level it up to 80. You will find that it does have drawbacks in certain areas, but when it is at its best you will also notice that it is in fact one of the most fun ways to play the game, courtesy of its versatility and abilities that offer a great gameplay variant that will leave you satisfied.

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