FFXIV White Mage Guide – Becoming One, Spells, Abilities, Tips, and More

FFXIV White Mage Guide
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Have you been looking to become an FFXIV White Mage? Then the following guide will provide you with an insight into what you need to know. If you want to become the most iconic healer in the entire game, then there are a few facts you will need to know beforehand.

This guide will cover the following:

  • About the FFXIV White Mage
  • How Does the Gauge Work?
  • White Mage Spells
  • Abilities
  • White Mage Tips

About the FFXIV White Mage

The White Mage is a job that has been around since the inception of FFXIV. Firstly, you would need to reach level 30 Conjurer before you can begin. To start this, you’d head to the Old Gridania to find the Conjurer’s Guild.

The White Mage sports cloth armor, with canes used to enhance their magic based skills. These skills revolve around healing, with the objective being to keep your team among the living. This does work a little differently when compared to healers in games of a similar nature. Rather than ensuring that your team is keeping their health up, you will need to pay closer attention to the resources that you are using, making sure you aren’t being wasteful with them when your party’s health is full already.

You won’t be expected to deal as much damage whilst playing as a healer compared to typical DPS characters, but you can still hold your own against the majority of tanks in the game. With that in mind, having a focus on Critical Hit and Determination can come in very handy, before investing in the likes of Spell Speed and Direct Hit.

How Does Gauge Work?

We know that the White Mage is an effective healer, but how exactly does the job work? There is a job gauge that you will need to be keeping an eye on. For every 30 seconds that passes in combat, you will receive a Lily. You can hold a maximum of three at a time, which can then be spent on Afflatus Solace which is a single target heal, or an AoE Afflatus Rapture heal instead. You will get the Blood Lily once these Lilies have been used up. This can then be used to cast a highly powerful damage spell known as Afflatus Misery, which can hit several enemies, though it can only be used once every 90 seconds.

White Mage Spells

For attacking, you will have single target damage spells known as Stone/Glare and Aero/Dia. The former has a casting time of 2.5 seconds and is available in its strongest form at level 72. The latter meanwhile has three forms and an instant cast with potentially high potency, and also unlocks its strongest version at level 72.

We then have Holy, which is more of an AoE spell which can stun enemies for a period of up to four seconds, and a potency of 140. This is your go-to spell attack when you come across several enemies at once. Then of course we have Afflatus Misery as we mentioned earlier, which as a high potency of 900 and a casting time that is instant.

Moving onto defence, which will be a heavy focus given that you are a healer, you will be looking at the likes of Cure I, II, and III. This single target spell increases in potency from 450 to 700 going from the first stage to the second stage. Going into the later stage of Cure III, your potency will be 550 and you can us it on all party members that are nearby.

We also have Regen, which is an instant cast that you should use on your tank. Medica I and II will provide you with an AoE heal and cure spell that applies healing over time. Afflatus Status is another single target heal, which costs 1 Lily to cast and has a potency of 700. The Afflatus Rapture however is an AoE heal that also costs 1 Lily, with a potency of 300. Finally we have Raise, which as you can probably guess is a resurrection spell that you will need to wait eight seconds for so it can cast.


As for the abilities, there are several that the White Mage can use. Firstly, you can reduce your spell casting and recast times by 20% using Presence of Mind. Your most powerful healing ability will be Benediction, which will restore the whole HP of your target. Asylum meanwhile heals party members who enter the dome that it creates, and Assize dishes out AoE damage whilst offering AoE healing at the same time.

Other abilities include Thin Air, which frees your spells of costing MP for a period of 12 seconds. Tetragrammaton provides a single target heal that has a 700 potency level, and Divine Benison provides a shield for its targeted party member. We also have Plenary Indulgence, which provides an extra heal for a period of 10 seconds when you use an AoE healing spell. If you want to add your healing magic potency, then you can use Temperance, which also reduces the damage your party members receive as well. Swiftcast is very handy, since it makes the next spell that you cast instant, as is Rescue which teleports your targeted ally to your side.

Additional Tips for Playing an FFXIV White Mage

Whilst you are in combat, you will probably be in a situation where your tank is absorbing most of the damage. If that is the case, then you can basically use Regen on that character and that’s your main focus at this point. You will be rotating between your damage spells and defensive global cool downs as well. You don’t have that many instantly casting spells, which is something to keep in mind.

There are a lot of benefits to the White Mage however. You have to keep in mind that the healing abilities are rather unmatched when it comes to the White Mage, as they are able to focus better on rotation between attack and defence. This isn’t going to be a common occurrence though, so you will have to focus on your healing if your tank starts getting overwhelmed or if the rest of your party is struggling. You are going to be dealing damage at some point, but it isn’t your primary objective, and shouldn’t be expected of you.

Keep the Regen on the tank on your tank and using Dia on your target for damage over time, and you are onto a winning combination. Bringing in Divine Benison for your tank can also be very effective too, and swapping between Cure II and III for additional single target heals to AoE heals can really help you out in the heat of battle. As mentioned, Dia is useful but if you are going up against mobs of enemies, try switching to Holy instead to get that stun advantage.


So if you are looking to play as the FFXIV White Mage, then you are going to be gaining access to a great healer. Not only is it incredibly potent as a healer, but it also has the trait in which it can deal damage at a decent enough rate as well. This is why it is considered by many to be the best healer in the game, though it does lack movement abilities and has casting times that may make you rethink your tactics in battle. Nevertheless, the White Mage is a strong healer choice and can be the difference maker between living and dying for you and your party members.

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