How Important are Races in FFXIV?

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FFXIV races are something that are of great discussion within the game’s community. There are many to choose from, which often raises the question as to what the differences are between each one of them. Below, you will find a bit of background information on each race’s origins, and whether or not the differences between them are significant enough to alter your choice.

Here we will discuss the following:

  • What races are available in FFXIV?
  • What are the differences between the races?
  • Is it important to choose a race based on stats?

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All of the FFXIV Races

So without further ado, here are the races for you to choose from in FFXIV:


The Hyur are a race who have been known for travelling to Eorzea from the surrounding locations. This trait has made them one of the most populated races within the game. This race are described as being of modest physical appearance, though they have strangely shaped ears.

Hyur are known for travelling by foot, which makes them a swift race to choose from. Boasting a variety of spoken languages and traditions, they are certainly an interesting choice, especially if you are looking for a more human-like appearance.


Unlike the Hyur, the Elezen presents a more elf-like appearance. They are tall and slim, and tend to live longer than the other races on the list. What’s more, the Elezen were once the only race to inhabit Eorzea.

Their belief of this would eventually lead to conflict with the Hyur when they would arrive, which would be viewed as an invasion.


Meanhwile, you have the Lalafell, who differ quite a lot to the previous two races. In fact, they are much shorter, and appear to have a more childlike appearance. They live an agricultural life and take advantage of new trade routes in Eorzea to explore pastures new.

Now, you will find many Lalafell living on Eorzea, who mix well with other races despite being known as a group that are very close to each other.


Straying away from human style forms, the Miqo’te are a cat-like race that have tails and big ears. They made their way over to Eorzea in the Age of Endless Frost in the Fifth Umbral Era.

Adapting to a predatory way of life has made them prominent hunters. The Miqo’te have a number of useful traits, with strong sense of smell, strong legs and great balance courtesy of their tails. They also tend to be very territorial compared to other races, so you may find them rather secluded.


For a more standout figure for your chosen race, look no further than the stocky Roegadyn. They feature huge muscular bodies, which makes them very noticeable from a distance. They are considered to be a more barbaric race than others.

These brawny brutes with piercing eyes are the largest race in the game, though they are in fewer numbers compared to others.

Au Ra

The Au Ra race were introduced during Heavensward. They are of a dragon-like appearance, with scales, horns and tails. Their origins are often disputed when compared to the Hyur, though its often maintained that their individual roots differ entirely.

What sets them aside is their advanced hearing, and the differing appearances between the males and females.


Viera is a predominantly female-only race, with appearances very similar to the Hyur, with one of the only obvious differences being their long ears. This particular race are bound by a code known as the Green Word, which sees them exiled from any kind of contact with the outside world.

Any males of this race are rare, and are uncommonly found within the confines of this clan. Instead, the Viera opt for protecting their precious land from any dangers.


The Hrothgar were introduced in Shadowbringers, and are limited to male-only if you want to play as them. This burly race comes from Ilsabard, and in opposite fashion to the Viera, it is the female population of this race that is particularly low.

Their lion-esque appearances and inability to communicate made them a dangerous and mysterious race when first arriving in Eorzea. It was only when the Hrothgar managed to adapt to the local dialect that they were no longer seen as foes, putting an end to many a conflict.

What’s the Difference between Races in FFXIV?

Before deciding what race you choose, you may want to know exactly what the differences are between them. Rather than individual differences between each race, there are general traits that set them all aside.

Despite there being differences, they aren’t of any signifcance in reality. You will notice one difference being that they are predominantly cosmetic. So the main features which sets them apart are traits such as emotes, which are different for every race. You also have differing outfits and animations. The latter mainly depends on what gender of certain races you choose. Race won’t even have an affect on the job that you choose.

Are Differences in FFXIV Race Stats Negligible?

This is a question that is often asked by many new players of the game. It is widely considered in the FFXIV community that your stats aren’t particularly important when it comes to selecting your race.

Potentially, it does make a difference as far as your starting statistics go, as the race and clan that you choose could potentially have a higher or lower set of stats, depending on who you choose. It is something that is worth keeping in mind, but ultimately it doesn’t make that much of a difference to your play style or class. Nevertheless, its still worth mentioning when it comes to differences in the game’s classes.


So, there are plenty of FFXIV races for you to decide to start with. What is important to remember that each has a rich background with differing appearances and animations to bring some variety to whoever you choose. The choice that you make probably isn’t worth being based on starter stats, so there is no need to fret too much whoever you decide to play as.

After choosing your race in FFXIV, it’s important to know how to make Gil.

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