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By | April 21st, 2016 | Categories: FIFA

While many people may consider it too early to consider what might be in FIFA 17, at PlayerAuctions we like to be ahead of the game. Here you have it: some possible ideas for what to expect in FIFA 17!

Growth In Women’s International Teams

For FIFA 16 women’s international teams were introduced for the first time. This decision was well received so it’s likely that we’ll see this feature return with a greater selection of women’s international teams. This should broaden the appeal of the game and drag it into the 21st century.

Wider variety of leagues

In terms of new leagues, a FIFPlay Poll attracted over 2 million votes with players. This suggests the leagues they want to see added. Surprisingly 15% of all votes were for the Israeli league, with the Turkish league coming in second also with 15% of the vote but with fewer votes overall. The German 3rd division came third with 13% of the vote. Whilst the results of this poll don’t necessarily mean that any of these leagues will be added, the large number of people who voted for them makes it possible that they will be.

Any other features we’re likely to see?

As well as the annual improvements to graphics, gameplay and tactics there are other features which the passionate fans of FIFA are demanding. One feature many would like to see is longer-term tracking of player statistics. For instance, if you have a player for 10 seasons in career mode, you could see all his playing stats (minutes, goals scored etc) which would help determine a player’s value. This demand for greater depth in terms of statistics is likely to be due to the popularity of games like the Football Manager franchise.

Who’ll be on the cover?

The footballers on the cover of the game vary by region and even country. It’s possible that EA will run a vote with pre-selected players for fans to choose from. For instance, for FIFA 16 in the United Kingdom, Liverpool player Jordan Henderson was selected from four different players.

Lastly, so when will the FIFA 17 be released?

EA usually announce the release date for the latest installment of FIFA around the end of April/May, with the game being released in the Fall period.

Overall, the details of what to expect in FIFA 17 are few and far between, however, an increase in women’s international teams as well as new leagues and the annual improvements to tactics, graphics and matchplay are our best guess! Oh, and the continued importance of FIFA coins. You will get them cheaply here.

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