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FIFA 18: Keep An Eye Out

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By | May 22nd, 2017 | Categories: FIFA

FIFA 18 launches September 2017 for the current generation consoles, and the PC. Yes, “current generation consoles” include the Nintendo Switch. Let’s hope that the Switch is a better home for the game than the previously disastrous PlayStation versions. Gamers have high expectations that FIFA 18 will be the best FIFA version.

What’s so great about FIFA 18? Well, there’s the new engine it runs on, a season two of “The Journey,” which started in the last game. Keep in mind that with the fine tuning of controls and kicks, there’s a possibility that game can be played through VR. In addition, there are dynamic weather features that will throw players in for a loop.

New Graphics Engine Means Enhanced Gameplay

FIFA 18 runs on the Frostbite engine, the one that replaced the Ignite engine from FIFA 17. Expect sharper details, which include movement, crowd details, and stunning weather effects. The consoles that can take the most advantage are the PS4 and PC. The former can utilize the “Pro Mode” that allows for increased graphical details and stable resolutions at 1080p.

Continue the Journey

Alex Hunter’s adventures in advancing through the soccer league aren’t over. FIFA 18 includes a season two of “The Journey,” picking up where the first left off (Hunter was chosen for the England national team). Fans are hoping for more player influence, as the dialogue choices in FIFA 17 didn’t influence outcomes very much. It would be golden if EA improves the dialogue of choices, a feature that’s been well received by critics and fans.

Fine Tuning Game Mechanics

There are many complaints about the game’s AI being too lenient with players sometimes. During matches, the AI suddenly thinks “the player should win this match,” resulting in a free point for the player. The AI removes the challenge from the game, which can make it too easy. On the flipside, there are times when the AI thinks “the player should struggle.” The difficulty suddenly hikes up and your strikers start to miss more goal attempts than they should. It just feels off!

There are the so-called “EAaids” or “scripting” that favor weaker players in online matches. While it’s perhaps the effect of the game servers trying to account for ping and the different strengths of the player’s connection to the internet, fans want something done about this. Other gameplay mechanics that might see an improvement include free kicks and input delay. Only time will tell if EA implements the necessary changes to make FIFA epic.


If FIFA ever gets VR support (it’s likely), it will be for the PS4 and PC. The problem is how it will be executed. Will it be a first-person view of the player, audience, or referee? From what a developer said, VR controls aren’t likely to happen, as there’s no experience like playing FIFA with a controller. VR support for this game could boost its popularity since a majority of the VR-enabled games are indie made. It needs more mainstream game titles to make its use more mainstream.

Whatever the Weather, the Game is On

The dynamic weather feature will make its appearance in FIFA 18, which can affect multiple factors, such as pass accuracy, player injury probability, and it could slow down players who are running. Different climate adds a new layer to gameplay. Players will have to switch to a different strategy when it rains. If it snows, well, that’s a different can of worms. Perhaps EA will throw us a curve ball when FIFA 18 is up and running in September.

Of course, there are other returning features, such as the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and the career mode that’s included in FIFA 18. Hopefully, these features will see improvement because they aren’t in the best shape.

Are You Excited?

For now, that’s all FIFA 18 news. As time passes and the release comes closer, more info will be announced. The Switch version of this game could either be another bust or the best portable FIFA. For now, waiting is all we can do until the next batch of updates.

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