What’s the Buzz About FIFA 19 News?

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Can the best game in the world get any better? Impossible, you think. However, based on FIFA 19 News around this new edition, game makers have stepped up their game and players all around the world have rejoiced.

From setting up a game that actually has no rules to having such personal, interchangeable features as a manager, FIFA 19 is as realistic as ever, kicking up a storm on all consoles, everywhere.

Let’s take a look at these brand new features for this year’s edition and see what all the buzz is about.

What’s up with the new “No Rules Mode”?

If you can picture the game makers sitting in a room all together and asking one another, “Well, how we can we top that last edition?”—well, we did. It’s the only explanation why they could possibly come up with the hottest buzz in video games all across the board—a game with NO rules.

If you ever wondered what a deathmatch with no rules would look like, the No Rules mode on FIFA 19 will have you on a different kind of buzz. You think the referee is a little too card-happy? Turn off his ability to dish those out. Getting tired of your opponent fouling you when you’re on a breakaway? Turn off those too. You can even manage to turn off the offsides rule—which is really beneficial if you don’t understand it.

This No Rules Mode brings a whole new aspect to the game—the fact that players can actually eliminate other players (on purpose!) without facing restrictions. You have to really play on survival mode when you’ve made the switch.

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How about the new Manager Customization?

A new feature—or features—that can stand alone as FIFA 19 News, is the ability to customize your manager (you) entirely.

Straight out of the Manager’s locker, you can really personalize your customization in FIFA 19, which is a relief, because the majority of complaints about FIFA 19 were from the lousy presets in FIFA 18, the previous edition.

Especially since you are able to create players from scratch but were not allowed to do so with managers, this will be a huge hit with regular players. Previously, you were only allowed to browse the already made settings for managers and then select your favorite. Now, you can make up every last detail—head to toe, including hairstyles, watches, briefcases, and shoes!

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Are there any more new features that will enhance the game?

Our short answer—Yes! There is also a mode called “Survival Mode” where teams lose a player once they score a goal. There is also a mode called “House Rules.” To explain what’s to come better, here are a few things you ought to know—particularly about these different modes.

Survival Mode

As we explained earlier, you actually get “penalized” for scoring a goal. With every goal your team scores, you lose a player on the field until five goals are reached. This is based on a realistic rule of the fact that there have to be seven players on a team to be able to play a game. The mode gets its name because it truly is a “survival of the fittest” kind of game, where the best are left standing.

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House Rules

You can also play in the “House Rules” mode, which features a few family-friendly favorites. If you remember from when you were a kid, you will definitely remember schoolyard games like only headed or volleyed goals counted or where the opposite team started off with more points before the kick-off. The loser, of course, as all kids games go had to play butts up and bend over, then other players could have their shot at hitting your bottom—from an adequate distance away.

Speaking of “House Rules,” it’s also another mode that you can play that you can truly get all your kicks in because honestly, anything goes. Before you play, you can read up on what the rules are for each game—because each one is different! When you’re playing, you have control over everything, like you do in a real game of FIFA—from how many players on your team are allowed in the box when a ball is being sent into what kind of style you want your team to play.


If you were on the fence about purchasing the new FIFA 19, these new modes and features from each  Hottest Buzz of FIFA 19 can definitely persuade you. Set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in addition to Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of this month, get your hands on FIFA 19 to tackle the best edition yet!

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