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A List of the Best Fortnite Skins for Your Avatar

Best Fortnite Skins
By | June 5th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite

For some Fortnite players the question of the outfits they are wearing is equally important as whether they will be the last (wo)man standing at the end of the Battle Royale match. They are willing to invest in the snazzy clothing articles that serve the simple purpose – make their avatar look cool and unique. For that reason, here is the list of the Best Fortnite Skins you can choose amongst to strike envy into the hearts of your fellow players.

The Dark Voyager

Some consider it the prettiest, others the scariest of Season 3 introduced outfits. In our opinion, they are both right! The dark astronaut suit intersected with orange lines is definitely among our top favorite outfits, with its black tinted, reflective helmet that seems to amplify some of our deeply rooted, existential horrors when we see it approaching to us. Yes, the outfits in Fortnite may not have an actual advantage over plain clothing your character might receive as it spawns at the beginning of the great Fortnite adventure, but they can certainly dazzle and even scare other players. It costs 950 V-Bucks.

The Reaper

Honestly, it is truly hard to say what controversy will happen next in the world of gaming, but we find that it is remarkable that the appearance of the character which resembles so very much to John Wick, Keanu Reeves’ elite-assassin character from the John Wick movies. Same suit, same hairstyle, and the name which “incidentally” steals from two franchises at the same time – Jason Wick. We have no idea how the mother company with rights to this character hasn’t slapped them with a suit already… Maybe they think the gaming industry has no money? Well, be it as it may, this suit is also one of the most popular ones in the entire game, a final reward on the season three battle pass.It costs 950 V-Bucks.


Season four has also brought the Omega Fortnite Skin, one of the most desired outfits in the game. It is only achievable once the player unlocks tier 100, which will take a long time for anyone but the most dedicated players who have neither school nor job to worry about, or those who are willing to pay up with real money for it. This is a full-body, black armor suit that reminds us of the Black Panther from the Avengers; we are not certain if this was intentionally created that way, or if it’s just a creative similarity coincidence, but we do not really care. What’s interesting to us is that this suit is pure awesomeness materialized as an item, and one that is worth grinding and fighting for.


Quoth the Raven “Nevermore!” We are not sure if you’re a fan of Edgar Allen Poe and his poems, but we certainly thought of the poem called “The Raven” when we saw this skin. Our second impression was the mascot of many albums created by the band Disturbed; just add the creepy, toothy smile and there you have it! This skin is one of the latest additions to the game and also one of the most desired skins of all time. It can still be obtained for a humble sum of 2000 V-Bucks!

Elite Agent

This is an amazing female, skintight, full-body outfit in full black, adorned with a dark mask and night vision goggles. To many of us gamers, this looks conspicuously like Sam Fisher has been making his introduction to the Fortnite, albeit rather as Samantha then Sam. This outfit is a part of the Black Vector set containing a total of six items themed around special agents. Hang on… Has Fortnite plagiarized all of its outfits!?

Shadow Ops

Shadow ops skin seems to be inspired directly by the character from another game from Epic Games, a free to play multiplayer online battle arena game called Paragon. Paragon was shut down in April 2018 and the entire development team has been moved on to help to develop Fortnite. Unfortunately, this very skin is currently no longer available in the shop, which doesn’t stop many players from hoping that it will reappear there in the near future. As it is known to happen, specific outfits are no longer available in the games online shop but have been known to resurface after a while. Who knows, maybe Shadow Ops Fortnite skin will reemerge from the shadows once again?

Skull Trooper

Although this skin may have lost a lot of appeal as the shinier and fancier costumes have started to make their appearance in the game, the skeleton is a kind of “evergreen” outfit with many people considering it their favorite. Its beauty is in the weird display of skeleton which is spray painted on the jet-black suit, especially in the boney head mask which seems to be betraying a slightly confused, if not downright idiotic user. Sadly, this epic purple skin is currently not available, but will probably return to the shop with the price tag of 1,500 V-Bucks.


This is one of the innovative Fortnite skins that have taken an entirely different approach to their otherwise mostly high-tech focused characters. Sun Wukong is the fictional character from Asian legends, also known as the Monkey King, renowned for his Kung Fu skills, immortality as well as the power of transformation. Sadly, Fortnite Wukong doesn’t have all those abilities to perform in the game but makes for a very attractive skin nonetheless. In accordance to his heavenly “royale” status, this skin is also monumentally expensive, with 2000 V-bucks required to exchange owners before you can be admired by other players.

Bunny Brawler

Whenever Easter comes around, the game developers start thinking thematically and producing content that would otherwise be somewhat out of place. The Bunny Brawler suit, a fluffy overall with a hood that has bunny ears – and let us not forget the comfortable bunny-themed slippers! – is one of those adorable creations, made entirely in the spirit of the season. It may not strike fear into hearts of men, but we found it hard to open fire on cute, hopping bunnies. Well, at least initially. This suit is currently unobtainable, but the chances are good that if you still have 1,500 V-Buckson you around next Easter this über-cute outfit will be purchasable from the shop once again.


Oh, boy, when talking about weird, strange and scary, you can’t get around mentioning this outfit. Or perhaps we should not talk about the outfit since this is something else entirely. While you wear one of the previously listed suits, you are still human underneath it all. Here, you are a fish. A very small fish, in fact, floating inside the helmet of a space suit that may or may not have been “freed” of its previous human occupant by this menacing little sea monster. While it very much resembles a piranha with its oversized head and vicious grin, it bears the name of a biblical name monster. It is apparent in this case that size is less important than the inherent terror factor. The good news is that you can still obtain this skin; the perhaps not so good news is that it goes for 2,000 V-Bucks, making it one of the most expensive skins in the game.

Twitch Prime Skins

If you are an Amazon Prime customer, then we have good news for you; your membership within the greatest online webshop in the world also gives you Twitch Prime membership (after all, Twitch belongs to Amazon now), which comes with some specific goodies limited to the members only. Outfits from these occasionally appearing membership packs are Havoc, Sub Commander and Trailblazer outfit, which also comes in the company of other interesting in-game items. These range from pickaxes and gliders to in-game emotes, the last of these definitely belonging to some of the most fun, smoothly integrated dance and emotion signalizing movements we have ever seen in a game, period.

As we said before, choosing the best Fortnite skin is not easy, especially since there are so many to pick from and Epic Games produce new, amazing work every season. However, this is one of those “happy accidents” and we are particularly glad to see this palette being extended, providing the player base with ever-changing and broadening options to make their avatars as unique as possible.

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