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A Fortnite Loot Map with Secret Locations

Fortnite Loot Map
By | April 24th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite

Howdy, everyone! I’m back to tell you about one of the greatest games available at this time—Fortnite Battle Royale. I’ve given you the rundown on a whole variety of things, but today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and give you a leg up on the competition. More specifically, I am going to tell you all about the Fortnite Loot Map, which includes the best loot spots that nobody ever goes that are almost guaranteed to have you get out alive, with good loot to boot! Ha. Loot to boot. That sounds nice. I should be a rapper.

The Meaning

Chances are, if you know anything about Fortnite, you know Tilted Towers, Fatal Fields, Snobby Shores, or one of those “big names” in the game. They’re great places to loot and there are tons of weapons and spawns and all that jazz. Unfortunately… they’re famous for a reason. Everyone knows about them so everyone goes there. There are other places that you could go, but what I plan to do is to give you the inside scoop on the little-known places with all the best loot.

I know, I know… it sounds like a cheap infomercial. I can show you the best places to loot and nobody goes there? Yeah, right… Well, the truth is that there will be less spawns. The enormous cities like Tilted Towers have great stuff, but you’re not reading this because you want to go there. You’re reading this to get all the less popular places. Here are my recommendations.

Actual Locations

Except for right now because of a challenge going on for the battle pass, Haunted Hills is a top-notch loot place. More often than not, there are only one or two people that might go there. About half the times that I have been there, I have been by myself. There are tons of chests there and tons of loot spawns. I’d say that there are probably at least five or six chests guaranteed, but I have been there before where I have gotten by myself eleven chests. A brief note — there are two big buildings on either side of Haunted. One is a big chapel. Right at the top, there’s a hidden chest where the clock would be. Just bust in there after you get the other chests because there’s a great chance there won’t be a good weapon in there. Go down and get a gun first then go back up there and grab it.

Shorter Chapel

On the other side is a squatty, shorter chapel. If you go straight from the tall one to the second one, you’ll run into two buildings against the fence. One of the fence-riding buildings has no entrance, and unless ya get up close to it, ya might not hear that there’s a chest in it. Just whip out your pickaxe and break in.

Lucky Landing

Another named big loot spot that often doesn’t have any people is Lucky Landing, though that’s another target of the current challenge and it’s now more popular than ever. Back when it was first introduced into the game, it was crazy popular. Now, the more people went to it, the less popular it became and now, barely anyone goes there. Expect one other team, maybe two at the max.

Junk Junction

A place that I can also recommend is Junk Junction, which is right next to Haunted Hills. You’ll notice a pattern here—most people hate having to run from the storm so they stick with places that are generally closer to the center so they won’t have to run. Junk, Haunted, Lucky… they’re all on the outskirts, so you stand a chance of having to run. It’s a more challenging place to loot because although there are plenty of spawns and its rarely traversed, it’s literally a junkyard and there could be a chest five feet away and it’s impossible to see from the wrong angle. Go there a few times and soon enough, you’ll have it all mapped out.

Moisty Mire

Moisty Mire is an absolutely fantastic loot spot that’s surprisingly unpopular. There seem to be endless chests there. It’s another one of those places that people don’t go to because people don’t want to run all the way across the map if the circle ends up elsewhere. In addition, there’s that freakin’ water, and it’s annoying as all get out to move around in there. You should know that there’s the Prison right next to it and there are people that like to go there, so watch out when you head out of Moisty that you don’t casually run into a person from the Prison and not be prepared.

Unnamed Locations

There are a number of unnamed places that are extremely good spots to check out because you really won’t die. If you do, it’s cause you fall off a cliff or something, not because you run into people.

Battle Bus

First off, the crashed Battle Bus. It’s right next to Shifty. To find it for the first time, go to Shifty and head straight to the river. On the way there, you’ll run into a watchtower. When you see it, go up and you’ll hit it. It’s about three or four ramps up amongst a bunch of trees. There’s an easy two chests there and generally a good weapon. From there, you can hit the Chair, Shifty, Tilted, or a couple other places.


Over between Lucky Landing and Moisty Mire, there are a couple wrecked cars that have been stacked eight or ten cars high. There are at least two or three chests on them. To find them, land at Lucky. There’s the main part of Lucky and a hundred feet or two away is the other part, just one tall building. Head from the main part and through that tall separate part to find the stacked cars. If you hit Fatal Fields, you went too far to the left. Head more towards the outskirts of the map. They’re reasonably close to a series of little swamps and some small buildings.

Haunted Hills

One more simply amazing spot to loot that is on the level of Haunted Hills is an unnamed place in the middle of nowhere. I call it “Dawson’s Spot” because of a guy that I know who introduced me to it. It’s smack dab between Anarchy Acres and Junk Junction. It’s big enough to show up on the map, but for some reason, it doesn’t have a name. If you look at the map, look at Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, and then this spot (which is towards Anarchy). Together, they make a triangle. There’s a number of chests and I have found some great loot there.


There are plenty of great places to land in Fortnite. If they ever get around to making another map, there will be many more. There are certainly different advantages to going to each location, but a good tip is to head to the more remote places until you get comfortable going to bigger places. I would recommend starting off playing the game without trying to run into a lot of people because the odds are that you will get killed pretty often quickly and that’s no fun whatsoever.

Of course, even when you get to be more experienced, there’s no problem going to your favorite spots. I recommend starting off small, then going to some of the bigger places once you get the hang of things. Once you try some more places, pick your favorite and go there! Whatever you end up doing, the important thing is to enjoy yourself. Get out there and have some fun!

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