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Fortnite Port-A-Fortress: The Handy Gadget

Fortnite Port A Fortress
By | December 31st, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite

Has a regular Port-A-Fort not done it for you? Are you bored with your run-of-the-mill method of lugging around a giant fort in your pocket? Well, look no further, because Fortnite’s got a Port-A-Fortress! That’s right. Not a fort, but a full-blown fortress. In this Fortnite Port-A-Fortress guide, I’ll take you through the most important things that you need to know about this wacky, handy gadget!

What’s a Port-A-Fortress, and why is it different?

Okay, so here’s the scoop: a Port-A-Fortress is the exact same thing as the Port-A-Fort, except for one key difference: it’s much, much bigger. It still produces the same portable, prebuilt structure that pops out when you throw it, but it’s a heck of a lot bigger than its smaller cousin. It’s like carrying a motorcycle verses a plane, okay? Big difference. It’s a Legendary item, so you aren’t going to find many of them, but they’re largely considered the luxury, pre-built protection item of choice.

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What are the benefits?

The variation isn’t just based entirely on having a cooler name, as the Port-A-Fortress has a couple important legs up on the less impressive Port-A-Fort and a giant leg up on not having either of them. Here are some of the best uses and cool features of a Port-A-Fortress!

1. Height Advantage

I don’t have to tell any veteran Fortnite players about this, but for those of you just joining us, you cannot stress the importance of a height advantage too much. The moment you get above someone, your chances of winning the fight skyrocket. Since the Port-A-Fortress is so enormous, it’ll dwarf everyone and make absolutely sure that the user is top dog. Rain fire and death from above! Also, bonus points for being high up enough that attackers building up can be knocked to their death if their ramps get shot out.

2. Enormous Protection

I don’t think I have to stress this much, but here we go: these things are massive steel structures. The user can largely kick back and relax because it takes an army to bring one down. Even while playing squads, it should take quite a while to bring it down, and that’s assuming that you aren’t shooting back.

3. Revive at Will

I’m going to toss a couple scenarios your way, so bear with me. First, you are playing with a friend and your duo partner gets sniped during a fight. Maybe they peaked, or maybe the other team is a crazy good shot, but regardless, here you are, 2v1ing this business while standing on an open field. You try to get the revive off while they charge, but you can’t, because there isn’t enough stuff between you and them. Second scenario: you’re in a Port-A-Fortress and your buddy gets sniped. Revive calmly. It takes a lot of time for an enemy team to get up a Port-A-Fortress, and even if they’re laying down suppressive fire, you’ve got time.

4. Intimidation Factor

This might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. There’s not a lot more disheartening than to be in a fight among the final few and see your enemy whip out a Port-A-Fortress, just because they’re so dang hard to take successfully. It’s mental games, yes, but they work.

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What are poor ways to use the Port-A-Fortress?

Unfortunately, you had to guess this was coming. Yes, there are many benefits to this awesome little tool, but there are also some serious, aggravating ways to use them that will make the user look ridiculous and, more importantly, get them killed. But don’t worry, dear reader, for I shall share with you some inside knowledge and avoid you being one of those unfortunate, dead players!

1. Panic Deploy

Ah, probably the most common of all of the methods. The Panic Deploy is where a player ends up getting in a small scuffle with another team and, for no reason other than nerves, deploys a Port-A-Fortress in the middle of nowhere. It startles everyone, including the user, and just like that, it’s gone forever and there’s no getting it back. Use it when you need to, not at the first sign of trouble.

2. The Preemptive Strike

Much like the Panic Deploy, the Preemptive Strike is a terrible idea. It’s generally found endgame, where the storm is about to move, and someone uses a Port-A-Fortress near the edge of the circle. Fifteen seconds later, the whole thing is engulfed in the storm and the user feels like a real moron. Especially in end-game scenarios, don’t do this. Just wait and play based on the storm itself.

3. The Storm Assist

Because of the way the Port-A-Fortress is built, there are bounce pads lining the top, exterior wall. Not only does it make it harder for attackers to get up there, but it also means that an unwary defender can accidentally trigger the pads pretty easily and get jettisoned off. Normally, this is okay, because you don’t take fall damage when launched by a bounce pad, but this is often a cause of death, seeing as it often puts players straight into the storm at the end of a game.

4. The Traitor

This is one of the most ill-advised moves you can pull, so never do this. I’ve seen it happen a million times and it has almost never worked out. Instead of building cover while running at the enemy, some people toss a Port-A-Fortress at their enemy. It makes some sense. It’s disorienting, startling, and overall confusing. It might take the enemy a few seconds to figure out what happened, and by that time, you’re closer. Problem is, now you’ve given the enemy a fantastic base to work out of, while you’re sprinting at them in the open field. Don’t… don’t do this.


In conclusion, the Fortnite Port-A-Fortress is an invaluable tool. It can help you survive, provides you with vital and immediate protection, gives you the height advantage, and many other things. It has some downsides, but as long as you’re cognizant of the potential threats, it’s something I would advise carrying at all times unless you happen to be a master speed builder with tons of materials.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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