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Top 9 Rarest Fortnite Skins and Items

Fortnite Rare Skins
By | February 24th, 2020 | Categories: Fortnite

Skins are an integral part of Fortnite: Battle Royale. They have always been such an intricate component of the game itself, despite not really affecting the gameplay. Skins in Fortnite are strictly cosmetic items with no competitive advantage whatsoever. The most that they do is turn weapons used by the player into gold (a gold color, not a gold rarity), which is still a purely aesthetic change. Fortnite has a specific art style for skins that they have only recently started to add variety to. Skins are available either for V-bucks or for real cash in bundles such as Frozen Legends.

What makes a Fortnite skin rare?

Rarity of skins in Fortnite has always been a coveted aspect of the game. Players have always drifted more towards “OG” (original, the rarest skins) skins, and it has always been considered to be a badge of pride. Skins become rare because they are available only for a limited time. Remember when Red Knight was super rare because it hadn’t appeared in the item shop in almost a year? It was a status symbol that showed you were an early player. That was until Epic started releasing it in the shop every month or two. Yet, a number of skins remain super rare and are still considered to be tell-tale signs of a dedicated (and assumed to be a skilled) player. You need to have a very high level with your Battle Pass to be able to get the game’s most elusive skins because they are tied to ranks.

Here is the list of top 9 Rarest Fortnite skins and items:

  1. Skull Trooper (purple) : Skull Trooper was a Halloween 2017 skin, in the earliest days of Fortnite. The game had just launched and people were still discovering Fortnite. Battle Passes weren’t in the game yet, and Skull Trooper was considered to be one of the most elusive Fortnite rare skins. It is a guy in a skeleton-themed Halloween outfit that initially had no styles. It was black and white, and selectable styles weren’t a thing. In 2018, when Skull Trooper was finally re-released, Epic decided to give its original owners an exclusive purple style. A green version was released for everyone else along with the original white one, but the purple style still remains to be one of the rarest skins in the game.
  2. Renegade Raider: While available as a hero in Save the World, Renegade Raider as a Battle Royale skin is super-duper rare. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Not that it’s particularly special or flashy, but it is a symbol of a 2017 player. The skin was available in the item shop in Season 1, back when the Battle Pass wasn’t a thing. Very few people purchased it, and I do believe the skin isn’t particularly appealing. I would still avoid a player if I saw them using it, just because wearing Fortnite rare skins such as this one means they’ve been playing for so long.
  3. Black Knight: We all know it, and we all know why. Black Knight was the first Tier 80 (which was the then-max tier) skin in Fortnite. It was available in Season 2, which was Fortnite’s first Battle Pass ever. Black Knight was a standard knight in black armor with red glowing eyes and an amazing black shield as its backbling. The skin will only continue to become rarer for this reason. Fortnite wasn’t even popular in Season 2, which was a few months post-release in 2017. By August 2018, Fortnite had 78 million players, making the original Season 2 population extremely small.
  4. Omega (with colors): It has been about two years since Season 4 came out and Reddit stillgets at least one post every day asking Epic to release Omega lights. It was the Tier 100 skin of Season 4, arguably the most popular season in Fortnite. The game was exploding, and the skin, being a Battle Pass exclusive, gained popularity quickly. However, that wasn’t all. The final stage of Omega was kept at Player Level 80, which was a ridiculous grind for the average player. Most people didn’t get there, and a majority of those that did had to AFK 50v50 for it. I still regret missing out on this skin, and whenever I’ve seen it in a match, I’ve been killed by the player immediately.
  5. Aerial Assault Trooper: This is another Season 1 skin that got popular just because of its rarity. It was crazy rare because it was even simpler than the Renegade Raider. It’s basically just the Spitfire default with a helmet. It might make sense to want it now, in Chapter 2, with old defaults gone. I’ve never seen this one in-game, but I might just have missed it just because of the simple fact that it’s so plain.
  6. Visitor: Visitor was Season 4’s Secret Skin. It was the first Secret Skin in Fortnite, and not many people did the challenges it required. Visitor has always been a crucial part of the Fortnite storyline, so much that he got buff and returned as the Season X Secret Skin as well. Searching 7 Chests at Risky Reels was surely a big challenge.
  7. Zapotron (Item): The Zapotron, a laser weapon from Save the World, was released for a short while in Season 1 of Fortnite. There are very few videos of it, and it was, as expected, an extremely overpowered weapon. The most popular video showcases a player one-shotting another player from a long distance.
  8. Eye of the Storm Tracker (Item): A backpack item, the Eye of the Storm Tracker was in Fortnite for a brief period following a patch that accidentally released it. It allowed the player to check where the Storm Circle was going to move next. While this was a nice advantage, it was probably not worth picking up over healing items or a better weapon.
  9. Ceiling Zapper Trap (Item): The Ceiling Zapper Trap, featured in the original trailer of Fortnite: Battle Royale, was in the game in the earliest months of the game. It was great at dealing damage, but was easily noticeable with its sparks and the loud humming noises it made. It is still available in Save the World.


Some players scoff at the topic of rarity, but it is an unquestionable form of clout used by many players in Fortnite. Moreover, it sometimes does get tiring using the same skins and seeing the same ones in your lobbies. Rarity is, of course, a big deal. How many have you tried from this list of Rarest Fortnite Items and Skins? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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