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The Inside Scoop of the Fortnite Rift

Fortnite Rift
By | December 12th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite

Hello, weary internet traveler. You have stumbled upon this blog to learn, and listen well, for ye shall be gifted with knowledge! In all seriousness, today I’m going to give you the inside scoop on rifts in this Fortnite Rift guide, so sit tight and get ready to learn!

What are Rifts?

No, I don’t mean the rifts that you have with that annoying coworker. I mean Fortnite rifts! In case you aren’t familiar or if you just want to be brushed up, rifts are teleporters that are scattered all over the map. Step into one and you vanish, getting spit out high in the air above it. If you deploy your glider immediately, you’ll glide for enormous distances.

So, in short, rifts are the easiest way to travel a long way, but that’s hardly the only thing they do. I’ll explain below.

What should I know about rifts?

Rifts are your one-stop-shop for travel, but there are a few things that you need to understand before hopping on in.

  • Rifts Close. This is a biggie. Once a rift is used, you’ve only got a few seconds before it combusts and you’re rift-less, and that’s no way to live. However, if they are unused, they never go away, even if they get in the storm.
  • Rifts are great escape tools. If you can get through it before your pursuer arrives, the rift will close in a few seconds and you won’t be caught (unless there’s another rift, but that’s another story).
  • Rifts get used up quickly. Whenever a lot of people land at rift-heavy places, such as Viking Village (Valhalla), you’ll hear all the rifts being used up in a frantic fashion as everyone bails, so you better secure yourself one quickly.
  • Rifts will save you from the storm. I’ve done this one before, numerous times. Once, I was at Valhalla and the storm was ending somewhere around Paradise Palms, and I totally forgot until the storm literally engulfed me. Luckily, I had some rifts and I easily made it to safety.
  • Rifts are loud. Forget about stealth if you wanna rift somewhere, because the moment you step in, a loud boom will echo across the map. If anyone’s paying attention, they’ll see you. That doesn’t really matter unless you’re in the last few people alive or if you’re trying to have a stealthy ambush.
  • Rifts will make you feel like Batman. There’s not a lot more fun than soaring down from the sky like Batman jumping off a skyscraper, swooping down to an unsuspecting enemy below.

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Where can I find one?

Let’s say that, by now, you’re pumped up. You love the idea of rifts and you (correctly) assume they’re one of the best things to be added to the game in months. It’s like a launch pad, but better, and easy, and it gets you much higher, and so much more. So, where are these little fellas located?

Well, I have bad news. Most of the rifts have been removed with the season change, but a few places always potentially have them. I’ll take you through some of them.

  • Viking Village (Valhalla). This place has more rifts that any location. They’re everywhere, and unless someone uses them all, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.
  • Near Risky Reels. This is somewhat more complicated, so stick with me here, but if you’re standing in Risky, there’s a truck, a couple chairs, and a chest on a small hill towards the edge of the map. Go to the hill, and Northeast of there you’ll find a funky hodgepodge of stuff with a chest on a cliff. Right there, there’s a bunch of rifts most of the time.
  • Wailing Woods. This is the hardest one to find, but for the particularly devoted, there’s generally a rift in a special underground bunker. However, since it does take some time to get to, don’t wait until the last second to check, because if it isn’t there, you’ll die in the storm trying to get out with a Legendary RPG, Scar, Legendary Heavy Shotgun, Legendary Heavy Sniper, and a Chug Jug. And yes, I speak from experience… tragically.
  • Haunted Hills. Yeah, I don’t have much to say. There’s some at Haunted. Boom. Nailed it.
  • By Burger Head. Outside of Pleasant Park, there’s sometimes rifts by the Burger Head, but this is less probable so plan accordingly.
  • Motel. I was startled to see how many rifts there are at Motel (between Lazy Links and Junk Junction).
  • The General Paradise Palms Area. This would be easier for you to just check a picture, but there are six separate areas for rifts in the new desert environment. The easiest one to find is right outside Paradise towards Retail Row, but there are a few in mountains and in valleys, so keep your eyes peeled.

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What’s a Rift-To-Go?

So. You’ve heard all my explanation about Rifts and you’ve decided it’s entirely too much work. Maybe you don’t like going to places where they spawn, or maybe every time you try to use a rift, someone’s already used them and they have vanished.

Not to fear, for there is a savior—the ever-delightful Rift-To-Go. You guessed it: it’s a portable rift. It takes up a slot in your inventory, so keep that in mind if you’re short of space, but it’s absolutely invaluable in the long run. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve lost because storm gave my opponent an enormous height advantage (I ended up having to leave my mountain and scale a steep mountain with someone above me many, many times).

However, the Rift-To-Go will save you. Use it for anything you would use a normal rift for, but you get to decide when and where to pull it out. There are tons of benefits. First off, you have the element of surprise. Nobody will anticipate you having one, so you’ll have the upper hand. Secondly, the storm has zero power over you. Even if they have a gigantic base way up on a mountain and you don’t, no worries! You can get up there with no problems. I can’t stress how important it is to hold onto one if you are lucky enough to stumble upon it.


To conclude this blog post, today I took you through the ins-and-outs of rifts in this Fortnite Rift guide. Whether you’re a player that loves them or hates them, their potential is undeniable and I, for one, love using them. Try them out! They’re fantastic for travel, fighting, escaping, and basically everything else.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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