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Fortnite Tips: Best Ways to Frustrate Enemies

Fortnite Tips
By | August 9th, 2019 | Categories: Fortnite

You’ve heard it—Fortnite’s toxic! I remember a time when Fortnite was not toxic and it was relatively hard to really get your enemies to hate you. Some of you may remember this time fondly. Others… well, others prefer infuriating their opposition. This Fortnite Tips: Best Ways to Frustrate Enemies piece will give you the insider scoop on keeping Fortnite toxic!

What’s the Most Irritating Thing in Fortnite?

If you’ve played with ten people, ten people have probably told you ten different things that drive them up the wall about the gameplay. I remember the Double Pump fiasco, the Guided Launchers problems, the time when everyone wanted to be awesome and use emotes during fights… but here’s the thing. For this list, I’m not going to write down eight thousand different pet peeves. I’m here to narrow it down to the most hated, most despised, most rage-inducing, things you can do to both your teammates and your enemies today.

But Can You Dance?

Let’s be honest. You know it. I know it. Emoting after killing someone is the single most savage thing you can do, so let’s throw it out there right off the bat. It’s toxic. It’s cancerous. It’s taunting, simple as that. People will message you hateful things. You’ll get reported. Streamers will despise you.

Bonus: Kill someone in a squad while they’re down, then emote on their corpse as their teammates kill you.

Where’d That Come From?

Kill someone with a sniper, or, better, shotgun when they have no idea you’re there. Maximum rage here. There’s no honor in shooting an unsuspecting enemy, but boy is it fun, so do it to your heart’s content and know that you crushed someone’s hopes and dreams.

Bonus: Scope in with a sniper rifle and creep up to someone to get as close as you possible can, then rail ‘em.

Doest Thou Teabag?

Ever since Halo, people have figured out the wonderous power of the tbag, which is basically just crouching a bunch of times on someone. It’s basic, but beautiful. There’s very little as frustrating as getting tbagged. It’s the ultimate insult.

Bonus: There is no bonus. Tbagging is always the right answer.

But How Bro?

I can stand being emoted on. I can stand being snuck up on. I can even stand being tbagged. But if there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s the But How Bro shot, which is where you both know there’s no way you should have killed that guy. Luck shots, 1000iq shots, trick shots, you name it, they fall into this category. If it makes someone throw off their headset and yell But How Bro, you’re doing it right. Go for the improbable win, because you might be able to get it.

Bonus: Win a close quarters battle with a sniper rifle, then slow tbag it out.

Have You Streamsniped?

If you’ve never streamsniped, it can be tricky to pull off, but hilarious as the sniper, less so for the streamer. You don’t have to do it to anyone in particular. Anyone you streamsnipe successfully will hate you.

Bonus: Streamsnipe in an obnoxious skin, then upon killing the streamer, kill yourself every time in an elaborate way.

You Like Camping?

You may have read a few of these and thought, meh, this one isn’t too bad. This one… this one is the worst of the worst. There is nothing more annoying then thinking you’re safe and finding out some knave has been camping in a bush and watching you sprint towards them for the last ten minutes, only to spring out and shoot you when you get close. Camping may not win you the game, but it’ll ruin someone’s day.

Bonus: Camp as close as possible to the enemy for as long as possible, then at the last second surprise the blazes outta them.

Et Tu, Brute?

In this hectic world of Fortnite, you should be able to trust your teammates. They, theoretically, should have your back. But, sometimes you run across that one annoying idiot who’s been screaming into the mic the entire game and trash talking everyone, and you have the chance to revive him or her. Get close, but never fully revive. Let them panic as their health slowly drips away.

Bonus: Pretend you have no idea how to revive someone, then do everything they say incorrectly.

Who Saw It First?

This one’s so annoying I’m reluctant to even put it in here, but it deserves a spot. Steal everyone’s loot. Be a loot hog. If it exists, it belongs to you. It doesn’t matter if you already have a Gold Scar. You need two Gold Scars. So what if you don’t have an RPG? You need to carry the ammo.

Bonus: Convince an ally you don’t believe they have a very valuable possession (ie, a Gold Scar), then steal it when they drop it to prove it.

Are You Bob the Builder?

Wanna irritate someone who can’t figure out how to build? Box them in. Enemy or ally, if you have the resources, frantically spam walls and floors and ceilings to keep them in a never ending maze of confusion.

Bonus: Kill someone in the storm because they can’t figure out how to escape.

Why Use Guns?

This one’s as simple as it is magnificent. Beat someone to death with your pickaxe. There’s someone magically infuriating about getting melee killed, especially when you try to escape and he’s still back there, chasing you and swinging like a madman.

Bonus: Kill someone with a pickaxe for the win.

Wanna See a Glitch?

Potentially the funniest, and certainly the longest lasting, ploy to irritate your allies is to lead them into a trap. Pretend you know a glitch, go really high up with them, then destroy the platform under them and watch them fall to their death.

Bonus: There are a number of “bro I know a glitch” moments, but there’s few better than killing your naïve, foolish allies who should definitely not follow you up there and who should never go in front of you.


In conclusion, there are lots of ways to make your enemies and allies hate you. Do I condone these measures? Not necessarily. But would I think it’s hilarious if you did them and is it a good way to be toxic? Yes, yes it is. Keep Fortnite toxic! Or don’t, but sometimes, it can be fun to be a force of chaos.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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