How to Get Superman in Fortnite

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Below is a complete list of how to unlock Superman in Fortnite, his two shadow forms, and all Superman cosmetics available.

Please note that this particular challenge can no longer be completed. What’s New? Chapter 3 Season 3 is here! New additions include reality seeds, saplings, mounts, a new battle pass, character collections, and map changes. Knowing how to get XP fast in Fortnite is a good idea.

How to unlock Superman in Fortnite

To get the Superman skin in Fortnite, you must first purchase the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass. You can only participate in the associated challenge with the Battle Pass.

Purchasing the Battle Pass will give you access to various Superman quests starting Tuesday, August 10th. These unlock not only skins but also other associated rewards when completed.

To unlock the Superman skin, you must complete the following quests:

You must complete Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy quests (5 total). During battle royale, talk to any of them to accept their quest. They range from the use of launch pads to flying saucers. Once completed, it will count towards completing the Superman quest.

It’s worth noting that superheroes didn’t appear as in-game NPCs immediately after release. Thankfully, there is a workaround that can help. Many cosmetic items can be unlocked by completing Superman or epic quests.

  • Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy (1 total): Call to Action emoticon
  • Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy (3 total): Superman Shield emoticon
  • Glide through rings as Clark Kent (5 total): The Daily Planet back bling
  • Use a phone booth as Clark Kent (1 total): Secret Identity built-in emote
  • Complete epic quests (10 total): Kal-El’s Cape glider
  • Complete epic quests (20 total): Banner Icon
  • Complete epic quests (30 total): The Last Son of Krypton loading screen
  • Complete epic quests (40 total): Solitude Striker harvesting tool
  • Complete epic quests (50 total): Clark Kent (Shadow) skin

It’s worth noting that the original number of quests required for the final five rewards was previously higher, but developer Epic confirmed the new value on Wednesday, August 25th. Fewer loops!

How to Unlock Superman Cosmetic Items and Superman’s Shadow Form in Fortnite

There’s still plenty of time left in Season 7, so you can continue to complete epic quests over the next few weeks. How to unlock the cosmetic items above. Below are the details for all ten:

  • Clark Kent Skin
  • Secret Identity Built In-emote, which allows Clark to transform into Superman
  • Clark Kent (Shadow) Skin Variant
  • Call to Action Emoticon
  • Kal-El’s Cape Glider
  • Solitude Striker Harvesting Tool
  • Superman-themed Banner Icon
  • Superman Shield Spray
  • The Daily Planet Back Bling
  • The Last Son of Krypton Loading Screen

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