8 of the Rarest Fortnite Skins

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Fortnite’s got some zany, ridiculous skins. Nobody can deny that. I could write an entire article on that Fortnite’s skins are boring or predictable, but the fact would remain that there is a Leviathan skin and somebody is running around right now with a fish in a bowl for a head. This leads to many people bragging about having the “best” skins, but here’s the problem: best is highly subjective. Me? I base my quality of skins on how rare it is. Yeah, yeah, if it looks cool but everyone else also has it, it’s less cool. Here are some of the Rarest Fortnite Skins.

What’s more painful than love?

1. Love Ranger 

One of the rarer Fortnite skins is none other than the Love Ranger. For those of you who don’t know, he’s a stone guardian angel with wings. He came out on Valentines Day, but he doesn’t shoot you with love. He shoots you with things that go “boom” and make you die. Entertainingly, he’s even got tiny little devil horns.

He, like all others in this list, is not in rotation anymore. Aka, you won’t be seeing them in the shop. His rarity is Legendary. We might see him return, but for now, he’s a top-tier skin that very few people have.

How about scaring enemies while making them laugh?

2. Crackshot

Coming in with a terrifying Nutcracker mask/head, we have Crackshot. Crackshot is an interesting little guy, not only because he looks like a Christmas Nutcracker that went insane, but because you get two reactions from him: one, he’s quite off-putting with his creepy mask smile and accompanying peppermint pickaxe but at the same time, he’s rather hilarious looking. It’s one of the very few skins that will make people grimace and laugh all at once, so bonus points! Oh, and he’s another Legendary.

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How about boring but Rare?

3. Recon Expert

Amusingly enough, one of the rarest skins is none other than Recon Expert, who looks like an alternate costume for a base character and only has Rare legendary status. She’s wearing unappealing, dull clothes—probably why it wasn’t a big hit when it came out as much as the others on this list—and looks quite bland. You couldn’t run into Crackshot and wonder if it was a default skin, but you could with Recon. So, why is she included? Well, because she came into the shop early on and hasn’t come back yet, so only a select few have her.

Can I be a Zombie?

4. Ghoul Tropper

Ah, Ghoul Trooper. Sweet, repulsive, funny Ghoul Trooper. As an Epic in terms of rarity, she’s a delightful version of the default skin but with a twist—you’re a zombie! Well, Ghoul, but close enough. She was released during the 2017 Halloween promotion and was well-loved, but she still makes the list because Fortnite in that time hadn’t quite hit the popularity it did in 2018, meaning that not a lot of people today have her.

How about if I’ve got money to spend?

5. Galaxy Skin

If the answer is yes, you may have the Galaxy skin. The Galaxy skin is hands down one of the alltime most envied and cool-looking skins on the market. It’s a guy with skin colored like the Galaxy and is an Epic. It’s widely lusted after. People love it. It’s amazing, and it caught on quick. The first time someone saw it on Ninja, everyone seemed to want it. Here’s the kick—you had to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Tab S4 when it available, play some games on it, and only then did you get it. Because you had to shell out hundreds of big ones for it, this skin was the cream of the crop, but quite rare because only a few people were able to afford it (or justify it, for that matter).

Is it but a flesh wound?

6. Black Knight

Okay, so for those of you who don’t get that reference, it’s alluding to Monty Python and the comedy sketch with the Black Knight. Why? Because the next on our list is the one, the only, Black Knight! This is one of the better skins according to popular opinion, and I must agree. You’re basically a mash-up of an ancient, medieval black knight with the contemporary Fortnite. The result? Awesomeness. The reason it’s rare is because, first, it’s a Legendary, and second, because it was only available in the Season 2 Battle Pass at Tier 70. In other words, you needed to buy the pass, play the game quite frequently, and been around all that time ago. It’s a status symbol to declare, as one article put it, that you’re been around since the old days. You’re no rookie.

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What about Assault?

7. Aerial Assault Trooper             

Aerial Assault! The Aerial Assault Trooper is one of those skins that doesn’t really look like it’s worth it. You’re, again, a default with a little variation, namely a helmet. The reason this baby is a Legendary in rarity is because it was around in Season 1. Oh, yeah. Season 1. That existed. Only longtime players remember those days. Anyway, you had to get it in the Season 1 Battle Pass, and since so few people comparatively played back then, this is rare. It hasn’t come back into the shop yet and it probably won’t.

What’s the Rarest Skin?

8. Renegade Raider

The rarest Fortnite skin… of all time… is…. *drumroll*… The Renegade Raider. Most of you will probably have no idea what that is, so check it out and you’ll find a female skin with Red Baron headgear, a vicious pickaxe, and with the rest of the outfit looking like she was out doing Renegade Raider things. Despite only being a Rare, this skin never really got off the ground for a couple reasons: it was back in Season 1 and level 20 of the Battle Pass, and not a lot of people connected with it so only a few people bought it (I personally think it looks awesome). However, it has never been re-added to the store, making it one for the ages.


In conclusion, this has been the Rarest Fortnite Skins. I took you some of the generally agreed upon rarest skins in the game. Note that I say “generally.” I did some research, and if you look up “rarest Fortnite skins,” you’ll run into a bunch of different lists with different things. These are the ones that seem to show up on most of the lists. The most important part about these skins is that they will only continue to get rarer.As more people join, fewer and fewer percentages will own them. If you’re one of them, flaunt it! Wear it! Show off!

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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