Fortnite Weapons

The Best Fortnite Weapons

Since the introduction of Fortnite and its Battle Royale mode, its popularity has peaked with the game being the most viewed on Twitch. Tons of streamers, both new and experienced veterans, have taken to Fortnite as it elevated the gaming genre to a whole new level. With patches delivering buffs and nerfs on Fortnite Weapons, players are constantly on the lookout for guides and videos to help them become better all-around players. Whether it’s for building faster and better or for which weapons are ideal for your play-style, we’re here to help you get that ever-elusive “Victory Royale!” banner logo on your screen in no time.

With the boom of Fortnite, the competition is tougher and the game is bigger than ever before. To help you gain an extra edge over other survivors in this cutthroat game, we have to stress absolutely the different weapons you must have in your arsenal if you are to be the last man standing in the circle.

There’s a wide variety of weapons in the world of Fortnite, each one offering a unique play-style tailored to specific players. All builds have their strengths and weaknesses, with inherently different points of view to each player. Those who like to fight closely with their enemies and deal massive damage may prefer the PUMP shotgun. Those who fancy hiding in their own little corner and make easy pickings of enemies from afar will love nailing headshot after headshot with the Bolt Action/Semi-Auto Sniper. Want to take things to another level? Weapons like the grenade launcher and rocket launcher will show you the meaning of BIG GUNS.

Since the building is also required in this game, making enemy forts go boom with these bad boys is the easiest way to scatter your enemies. Then there’s the classic Rifle/SCAR AR Rifle which is a weapon we all know and love. A staple in the shooting game community, it is the perfect all-around weapon. Similarly, the tactical Submachine Gun boasts a rapid rate of and can even compete with other popular weapons such as the shotgun. Both of these guns use light bullets which are easy to get a hold of, which makes them a popular choice among players! There are more Fornite Weapons, but those are to name a few.

While surviving wave after wave of enemies definitely requires skill, it sure helps to have the proper firearms in your arsenal. Each weapon we discussed has its own inherent strength and subsequent weakness. Make sure you utilize their capabilities to the fullest. Whether you throw a boogie bomb at your enemies and spray them with bullets as they dance to their death or get in your zone and snipe your way through, learn when a specific firearm can deal the most damage and you’re sure to be the last man standing when the smoke clears.