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Fortnite Assault Rifle (Rare/Blue)

By | July 24th, 2018 | Categories: AR, Fortnite Weapons

The Rare/Blue Fortnite Assault Rifle is a treat of Fortnite. It’s a wonderful weapon to use in almost every scenario and has a very respectable damage output with moderate recoil and high accuracy. Its 30-bullet clip is on par with other members of the assault rifle class. It’s specifically good for fighting people but is capable of taking down bases if necessary. The guaranteed accurate first shot is a boon, but unfortunately, the lack of massive damage means you will probably have to plug away for a while to eliminate most opponents. It’s considered by many to be an alternative to a Scar.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Blue (Rare)
  • Thrill factor: Although any gun will provide some exciting moments, this particular weapon is moderately low on the thrill factor level because it is mostly the bread-and-butter of the game: reliable, powerful, with no ability to one-shot most players.
  • Popularity: This gun’s reputation is overwhelmingly positive, though a recent update that boosted SMGs has made some players give up assault rifles as a whole. Short of that group, this weapon is high treasured and valued, and will likely only be given up for a Scar or something of a similar caliber.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: It’s not likely, but it’s not surprising to find one. Generally, they appear about as often as any other rare weapon. To find one, a player has about an equal chance of finding one on the ground as he or she does from looting another person.
  • Interesting Note: This gun is considered a poor man’s Scar in the sense that it is a solid substitute.


The Rare/Blue Fortnite Assault Rifle is a great gun that deserves recognition and respect. Though some players use it as a close range weapon as well, it does not fit the bill easily and required perfect aim from the user. It is best to use as a mid-range weapon. It is most recommended for people with decent aim who can track running enemies while firing.

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