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Fortnite Assault Rifle (Uncommon/Green)

By | June 24th, 2018 | Categories: AR, Fortnite Weapons

The Uncommon/Green Fortnite Assault Rifle is a quality weapon that excels in medium range warfare. The recoil is controllable and minimal, the first shot (like all assault rifles) is perfectly accurate up to the extremely long range, and it provides quality damage-per-hit to enemy players. Its large clip assures that it can continue to rain firepower down, even taking down bases if used properly. A drawback of the weapon is that it can be slightly inaccurate in some situations.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Green (Uncommon)
  • Thrill factor: Although not a tremendously exciting weapon, it is a stable, reliable weapon that deserves recognition, the meat, and potatoes of any loadout.
  • Popularity: It’s widely used and respected. Nearly every player will use a green AR at least once every few games.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Part of their popularity is based on the fact that the Uncommon Assault Rifle is very common to stumble across from chests, weapon spawns, or from enemy players. It is a weapon that can sometimes be found multiple times in a single house.
  • Interesting note: Though not recommended, some players use the Green Assault Rifle as a close range to medium range weapon. Often, the players who use this tactic use it due to not trusting the accuracy of their shotgun shots. It’s a risky gamble, but if you don’t trust your shots, a healthy 35 damage per shot means that it can pay off, especially if you don’t have space to hold a shotgun or another close range weapon.


The Uncommon/Green Fortnite Assault Rifle is a quality weapon for most medium engagements. It can be used in close-quarters combat, though it is not recommended. The best use for the weapon is in open combat with no bases, where its fast rate of fire and respectable damage ratio will truly come to light. Though nobody will quiver in fear at fighting someone who has one, you should feel comfortable knowing that it is more than enough to protect you.

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