Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle (Uncommon/Green)

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The Uncommon/Green Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle is a member of the Assault Rifle class. It fires in bursts of 3 with a full clip of 30, making it the perfect gun to duck in and out of cover with. The most important rule of having one is to not stand in the open. Pop from cover, fire a quick burst, then duck back in while it readies the next batch of bullets. There is a considerable delay between bursts, which sometimes gives it a bad name from individuals used to the constant firing speed of the normal AR. Its biggest drawback is that the firing range and spread, although the first shot is always accurate, does have considerable variation—especially when the user is moving.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Green (Uncommon)
  • Thrill factor: Moderate to high. Although not likely to be able to kill in a single burst (though it can happen), this gun is certainly not a bore to use. Some consider more thrilling than the AR family because of the fact that a single burst can take three big clumps of health and shield off all at once.
  • Popularity: I have found the bursts to be more popular with defensive players because, as mentioned before, it is better for steeping in and out of cover and poor for using in motion.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: This is quite easy to find, both off drop and in loot from battles.
  • Interesting note: The best use of this gun is to stay in a base and pop out, fire a quick burst at a charging enemy, then duck back to safety. Repeat at will. If you hit your target with one or two bursts, you will kill them.


In summary, the Uncommon/Green Fortnite Burst Assault Rifle is a weapon that is reliable, easy to use, and predictable. It’s best suited for the defensive playstyle, but it can be used by anyone who wants to learn. It’s most recommended for players who know how to settle down and not for people who run-and-gun.

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