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Fortnite FAMAS (Legendary/Gold)

By | August 15th, 2018 | Categories: FAMAS, Fortnite Weapons

The Legendary/Gold Fortnite FAMAS is a jack of all trades. If I had to select one gun to use the entire game, I would pick this one. A personal favorite of mine, it’s an incredibly underrated rifle. It comes standard with a 30-bullet clip and mimics the other bursts with first shot accuracy, firing three bullets at once. The best part about the Famas is that it doesn’t become wildly inaccurate after the first shot and, in fact, is something of a laser. Seeing as each bullet does 33 damage for body contact, two or three well-aimed bursts can eliminate an enemy with full health and shield.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Gold (Legendary)
  • Thrill factor: With very few exceptions, I find that using one of these results in victory in a direct conflict. Because it does so much damage so quickly, it’s a simple matter to burst someone before stepping back into cover, then doing the same thing again. It’s this protection that keeps it from being more thrilling.
  • Popularity: For such a fantastic rifle, it’s left for other weapons that don’t burst as some players prefer a more constant firing pattern.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Again, moderate. Though the gold will make some players keep it, many people will leave it for a Scar or something similar. It’s likely to find one in the later part of a game.
  • Interesting Note: It’s a jack of all trades because it is the only gun that’s necessary. Obviously, it functions as an Assault Rifle. However, it can also perform strongly in close-quarters provided you are accurate, and I have often used it in lieu of a sniper because of how tight the reticle is over even long distances.


The Legendary/Gold Fortnite FAMAS can carry you to victory if properly used. Perhaps the best part about this rifle is that it can be fired with relatively low risk since it only takes a moment to shoot before returning to cover. It’s most recommended for people who know how to play tactically and how to use cover.

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