Fortnite FAMAS (Epic/Purple)

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The Epic/Purple Fornite FAMAS is one the weapons that can constitute an entire arsenal. It can handle long range just as well as it does short range. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one, consider yourself blessed because you don’t need anything else. It fires in bursts of 3 shots, each of which can do 32 damage on a body shot. If you hit headshots, it’s all over. It’s remarkably easy to one-burst someone. With the Famas, I have gotten kills from frenzied build battles and from 200+ meter shots alike.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Purple (Epic)
  • Thrill factor: Most assault rifles don’t have as much of a thrill factor because they aren’t designed to kill so quickly. The Famas family can strip an enemy’s shield in one good burst, and finish them off with a second.
  • Popularity: Surprisingly enough, this is often left for inferior weapons that are not bursts. Some players are not comfortable with them.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Once more, moderate. Finding it off the floor isn’t likely. Even though it is an Epic, since many players will leave one behind because they don’t like the burst aspect, it’s often left in piles of loot.
  • Interesting Note: With sufficient ammo, I have frequently used this as my only weapon. It’s bested perhaps only by the Scar because of the sheer versatility.


The Epic/Purple Fornite FAMAS is a weapon that is all you need. When you use cover properly and are familiar with the firing timing, it can put out more damage than most shotguns. Since the damage output is so high, it’s a remarkably good choice for every situation. It’s most recommended for people who think tactically and know when to use cover and when to fire blindly.

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