Fortnite Heavy Sniper (Epic/Purple)

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The Epic/Purple Fortnite Heavy Sniper is perhaps one of the best snipers available in the game. A slow-loading, bolt-action sniper, its trademark krakboom sound spells death for nearly anything it hits, be it an enemy or an unfortunate tree. It has very little bullet drop in comparison to most of its competition and delivers whopping damage, assuring that a headshot will obliterate any enemy and a body shot will likely do the same. Interestingly, and a part of what sets it apart from other sniper rifles, the Heavy Sniper’s bullet destroys any wall, rock, tree, floor, or roof in its way. Unless it makes contact with the ground, something will be destroyed.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Purple (Epic)
  • Thrill factor: Thanks to the sheer power it has and the exciting sound it makes when it fires, it’s always a thrill to use. The other handy part about it is that, since it loads so slowly, it means that the user is less frequently exposed to other snipers.
  • Popularity: Extremely high. It’s very rare for a player to leave behind this weapon unless they already have one, and even then, some people like to “Double-Pump” them by alternating for faster fire rate.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Since it is an epic and people do not leave them frequently, it isn’t likely to come across one, making it a treat when you do.
  • Interesting Note: The Heavy Sniper can be used in conjunction by several players, with one teammate bringing down the cover of an enemy sniper with a second teammate shooting the moment the structure goes down.


The Epic/Purple Fortnite Heavy Sniper is a fearsome rifle that competes with the best of them. It puts out such tremendous, reliable damage that it is nearly foolhardy to leave one behind, because it not only means that you will not use it, it also means that your enemies now have it. It’s most recommended for anyone who wants a sniper rifle, seeing as it is one of the best in all the classes.

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