Fortnite Heavy Shotgun (Legendary/Gold)

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A relative newcomer to the game, the Legendary/Gold Fortnite Heavy Shotgun quickly fought its way up the ranks to become one of the best guns available. It’s developed something of a cult following. Supporters of it rave about the impressive damage it delivers with minimal time between each shot. A recent buff has drawn strong complaints by people who insist that it is entirely too overpowered compared to the other shotguns available. Its 7-shot clip makes it more appealing than the Pump’s 5 and almost as good as the Tach’s 8.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Gold (Legendary)
  • Thrill factor: It’s thrill factor is moderately low in the close-quarters weapons category. A Pump, which delivers similar damage, is more exciting because it takes so long to fire again, making it more important to land every shot. A Tach is more exciting because of the frenzied, intense firefights one gets into with one. The Heavy lies somewhere in the middle, making it fun but without the intensity or fear of missing once and dying as a result.
  • Popularity: For such a truly powerful weapon, a remarkable number of people refuse to use it. Most of these people are veterans in the game who have grown accustomed to the firing speed of Pumps and Tachs and who inevitably mess up their shots with the third and unique timing of the Heavies. That being said, especially the golden one is incredibly coveted.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: One of the rarest things to find, this shotgun is a diamond, only found by a lucky few.
  • Interesting Note: Despite its clear quality, it’s random unreliability turns away many players. Horror stories of headshots delivering only five or seven damage are almost as frequent as one-shot-kills, making it one of the more criticized weapons.


The Legendary/Gold Fortnite Heavy Shotgun is most recommended for players who trust that it will not mess up the damage on enemies and who want to stand a great chance at winning a close-quarters situation. Aside from the random damage output, it has no weaknesses.

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