Fortnite Hunting Rifle (Rare/Blue)

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The Rare/Blue Fortnite Hunting Rifle is the only sniper you’ll need. It’s got enough power to one-shot even someone with full health and shield with a headshot, is fast-firing and provides a delightful experience to use it in general. Though it doesn’t come with a scope, it isn’t a weakness. The lack of scope makes it much easier to use for certain situations, such as quick-scoping a charging enemy before tearing into them with an AR or SMG. It has virtually no bullet drop, which means you can line up the crosshairs (which have perfect accuracy) and expect a kill regardless if the person is ten meters away or a hundred and fifty meters out. The only drawback is that it can be difficult to see far distances with it.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Blue (Rare)
  • Thrill factor: Very high. It’s got a quick firing pattern and it feels like you’re using a World War 2 weapon with it. It’s a classic bolt-action, but it is excellent for quick-scoping and as with most sniper rifles, it’s thrilling because it can one-shot someone. More importantly, it’s very high because it can be used in all types of combat, including close-combat.
  • Popularity: Especially in the first part of the game, they’re popular, but by the end of the game, most people prefer Bolt-Action Snipers because of the scope. It also varies by the player, as some people find the lack of scope to be a boon and others struggle using it properly.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Finding this weapon off drop isn’t terribly likely, but it’s not stunning to come across one. You’re most likely to obtain one later in the game.
  • Interesting Note: It’s the only sniper that is often used in close-quarters battle. Pop off a quick shot with it before tearing into the enemy with a different weapon. It isn’t likely, but in the rare scenarios when you somehow headshot your enemy, it’s a powerful experience.


In summary, the Rare/Blue Fortnite Hunting Rifle is fantastic, but only in the right hands. It’s best used for close-to-medium range, but it’s a great alternative to a traditional scoped sniper rifle.

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