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Fortnite Pump Shotgun (Rare/Blue)

By | June 24th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite Weapons, PUMP

One of the classic weapons in the Fortnite game, the Rare/Blue Fortnite Pump Shotgun has earned itself a spot in the video games Hall-Of-Fame. Though recently nerfed, it still holds one of the greatest chances of one-shooting another player in close-quarters combat. It is an intimidating weapon to fight against because it can take off so much health and shield with a single shot. This makes it a popular choice for people who have exceptional aim or for people who think they have an exceptional aim. A major drawback of the weapon is that it fired very slowly.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Blue (Rare)
  • Thrill factor: It’s one of the most exciting guns to use. It is the embodiment of high risk, high reward. Landing a shot on the chest or head of an enemy will melt them. If you hit someone with a pump once, you will stand a solid chance of killing them unless they have full health and a full shield. Twice, and you’ve almost certainly won. Miss once or twice, and you are likely dead.
  • Popularity: The weapon has two groups of people—people who insist on using it and people who will do nearly anything to avoid it. For many, it varies by the game.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Common to find; it spawns frequently enough to find several every game.
  • Interesting Note: Because of the delay in shots, many players use a Double-Pumping Method, which is where a player uses two Pump Shotguns. He or she fires one then immediately switches to the next and fires on that one, then back to the first, alternating for a faster rate of fire. It was nerfed significantly but remains very deadly. Others use a Pump-Tach Method, which is using a Pump Shotgun to go for the headshot, then immediately switching to the faster-but-less-damaging Tach to finish off the other player.


The Rare/Blue Fortnite Pump Shotgun is a weapon most recommended for people who are trusting the accuracy of their shots. It is less good in frenzied combat, where people are jumping everywhere and it can be difficult to land a shot reliably. The trademark sounds it produces serve as a strong warning to other players to watch out.

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