Fortnite Pump Shotgun (Uncommon/Green)

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Once a great, the Uncommon/Green Fortnite Pump Shotgun has been nerfed into relative oblivion. There was a time when it brought terror to the community because of its immense damage and ability to kill with a single shot. An accurate player could obliterate people by simply clicking once especially when “Double Pumping,” which is where the gun’s slow rate of fire is gotten around by using two Pumps and switching between them to avoid having to reload. Now, after the nerfs, it is a shadow of its former self.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Green (Uncommon)
  • Thrill factor: It’s thrill factor is quite high. Since it fires so slowly, every shot is a gamble. It was always balanced by the power output, but recently, it’s intimidating to use because you often have to shoot someone two or three times to kill them when the entire clip is an underwhelming five. Missing is not a viable option and you have to jump around or build endlessly to avoid getting shot when you’re reloading, making using it an experience to remember.
  • Popularity: When it is kept, it’s often because it’s “better than nothing.” Some people prefer Tachs over Pumps and vice versa. It seems that most players change their views regularly. If they have a successful series of games with a Pump, they’ll use it. However, until the Green Pump gets a major buff, it will probably not be terribly popular.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: They are everywhere. It’s not surprising to find several in a house. Personally, I have left houses with four or five, pulling off the rare and poor technique of “Quintuple Pumping.”
  • Interesting Note: Despite it’s nerfs, a buff in the Double Pumping method makes some players carry two of these and maul players. Given as a duo, this gun is phenomenal.


The Uncommon/Green Fortnite Pump Shotgun will not amaze anyone. Double Pumping or Tach-Pumping (using a Pump for the first shot, then switching to a Tach) are obvious ways to improve its quality. It is most recommended for people who either are using one of the methods previously listed or who don’t have a better shotgun.

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