Fortnite Rocket Launcher (Rare/Blue)

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The Rare/Blue Fortnite Rocket Launcher is only a rare weapon and yet it creates the terror of a legendary. Since enemies cannot tell what color it is when you’re using it to destroy their hopes and dreams of winning the game, it operates right up with the best of them. Despite having only a single shot before having to reload, it’s proximity damage is part of what makes it so deadly. To harm an enemy player, you don’t have to directly strike them like with most other weapons. Get close with a rocket and you’ll be doing damage, sometimes enough to finish the fight.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Blue (Rare)
  • Thrill factor: High. Although it isn’t likely that you’ll kill an enemy player late in the game with a single shot (assuming the other person has decent health and shield), you will fire more than once. Not a lot gets your adrenaline pumping more than the thrill of chasing someone with one of these, watching them frantically build to try and escape with you hot on their tail.
  • Popularity: A large part of the community will take this and keep it. Another reasonable portion won’t keep it because of several reasons: one, they don’t like Rocket Launchers, and two, it’s blue and they assume it isn’t worth it. The truth is that although it is merely rare, it deserves higher recognition.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Like with other Rocket Launchers, the odds aren’t great for finding one of these. They seem to spawn fairly, so every now and again you’ll run into someone who has one. It’s very uncommon to find two in a game, and one is already pushing it.
  • Interesting Note: This gun is a standout for fighting amateurs or people who build too high, where a few well-placed strikes will bring them falling to their death.


The Rare/Blue Rocket Fortnite Rocket Launcher is not the best weapon in the game, but it’s very close. Though it is not overpowered at this point, a talented player can make great use of one. It is most recommended for people who can accurately time the shots and avoid standing still to not get sniped.

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